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Case Study ->Use Vibrator for massage, Drink Heat Tea to make her G-spot or Epicenter orgasm, but relink your Hormone production chain for hard erection and better sexual orgasm. (unedited)
Reader: 9/29/1998>
My wife and I have had a great sex life for 11 years. However, beginning three years ago, she encouraged me to use a vibrator for myself at least every other time we had sex. I have always thought her suggestions were to avoid having sex. I have always worried that the long term effects of using a vibrator would harm me in one way or the other. Two years ago I developed high blood pressure and started taking Accupril to control this condition. Shortly after I started the medicine, I began to have problems with holding my erections, which caused me to feel bad and less of a man.
For the past two years, we have had increasing problems sexually. She is talking Zoloft for depression and says her sex drive is just not there and she almost always has to use a vibrator to come now. The sensitivity in my penus seems to be much less than it used to be and most of the time we have intercorse and then finish with the use of a vibrator. If we go for two weeks without sex, then ususally we both come. I have been seeing a chyropractor for back problems, which he says will improve the nerve sensitivity with my sexual organs. I am confused about what to do. I am 49 years old and am otherwise healthy. My wife is 44 and healthy. We both drink some. I smoke cigars some, but no cigarettes. I would like your advise on the path we can take to sexual recovery. I am feeling like we will never have a normal sex life again. Should we throw away the vibrators? These vibrators are the large like for muscle stimulation. I am taking V?agr? (the erectile drug, trade-marked name not allowed here) and it works great the hold my erections. However, most of the time, I do not come during normal intercorse. The vibrator is needed to provide enough stimulation for me. Again, your advise is welcomed.
Dr. Lin: 9/29/1998>

Aging and medication take tolls on everybody, not only both of you. They directly affect the Testosterone secretion. Men and women after midlife are very "sensitive" to medication because the hormone production axis - the pituitary, liver, adrenal/kidney and sex organs - is no long as powerful as it was. Give you some ideas about the testosterone/estrogen production cycles as follows:

1. The pituitary makes leuteinizing Hormone (LH) to trigger sex organs to produce Testosterone /estrogen, and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone to stimulate the testes to make sperm. Male Power contains the extract of animal pituitary can help men to produce more sperm.
2. Any disturbance in this hormone production axis will cause sexual dysfunction. Medication, drugs and alcohol disturb the pituitary, liver and adrenal glands.
I suggest Endura or ViaPal-hGH package to enhance the testosterone secretion.  These components will increase your HGH, DHEA,  testosterone and balance your estrogen level. Furthermore,  they reduce stress hormone production and block the stress hormone receptors in the prostate/penis to allow more parasympathetic nervous actuation on the penile erection with erection mediator Nitric Oxide.
3. Weakening the liver function will stimulate the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen. Aging and alcohol will create the testosterone deficiency problem for men and women. Our formulas are formulated to combat this problem too.
The next problem happening in the aged body is the poor blood circulation. Tobacco chemicals, biking, and long-term sitting can accelerate the development of blood congestion in the genital area. Blood congestion will clog the delivery of nutrients, oxygen and the intermediate hormones listed above to the sex organs for manufacturing testosterone. If you have low back pain, leg cramps or pain or feel very tight or internal pressure against your sex organs, you may be experiencing blood congestion. You need Vacuum-cupping Massage to solve this problem.
Vibrators, like the hand-pressure massage, are useful to solve in the blood congestion in the shallow muscle and tissue. You should not throw it away and you should use it as a massager. However some blood congestions happen in the deep tissue (in the butts) or in the joints, such as low back and knees. Vibratos are insufficient to dissipate the blood congestion.
Both of you and your wife have experienced the testosterone deficiency syndrome, so that your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) can not get enough charged from the free testosterone. Heat Tea can solve the orgasmic problem for your wife by simply activating her Sympathetic Nervous System. With insufficient bioelectricity in the Sympathetic Nervous System of the ANS, both you and your wife can not have orgasm. With insufficient bioelectricity in your and her Parasympathetic Nervous System, you can not maintain a hard erection, and she can not swell her clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter. The engorgement of her sex organ is a measure of how much bioelectric energy to be available for her sexual orgasm. A long-term use of vibrator will numb her clitoris and G-spot, because the high-frequency vibration will damage the local tissues and nervous fibers / sensors.  It also causes a large amount of testosterone to burn out for nothing in the local tissues..
What the erectile drug does on your body is: it redirect all the bioelectricity in the heart, liver, kidney, lung, eyes, salivary glands, stomach, pancreas and gallbladder into the sex organs and bladder. The erectile drug does not provide hormone for your internal organ function and simply steal bioenergy from them for actuating penile erection. Eventually, it  will deactivate these organs' functions. You should consider Endura or ViaPal-hGH packages to enhance the well-being of these organs and recharge the bioelectricity of the entire ANS. This will bring back the sensitivity of your sex organs as well.
I have tested these herbal supplements (for men or women) myself before giving to other testers. The most important effects of these health supplements selected are the brain response, the sensitivity of the sex organs, the disappearance of the back and joint pains, and the enhancement of the immune system. Since I consider herbal supplements are my foods and drink, I don't drink coffee, cola or soda. I cut down my meat intake to 10% of my meal and eat less as well. 10% meat is a minimum requirement to keep me from feeling hungry in 4 or 5 hours. But, I have continuously tested varieties of products and herbs with my heavy vegetable diets. I can adjust my intercourse frequency with these products. Now, I still keep up with twice a week without experiencing over-ejaculation problems - such as weak erection, insufficient ejaculation sperm, sexual exhaustion of fatigue. I justify my sexual potential in this way: After ejaculating, my penis must be able to stay at least 70% erection within 5-10 minutes; if I have sex in the morning, I must not feel fatigue all day long without taking a nap. My wife tests my erection every night and morning. When she touches it, my penis must be able to wake up immediately.
I has experienced weak erection along with low back pain twice so far: One was in my 22, resulting from 3 ejaculations in every love session for one year; the other was in my 45, resulting from the so-called male menopause. I have been able to recover from sexual dysfunction twice with the help of herbal supplements and Vacuum-cupping Massage (for my Male Menopause) so far, so that I have started to explore rejuvenation along with sex since my 22.

 I have recorded all my activities, including intercourse (video/audio taping once a year), for studying the evolution of our bodies. Then, I release my ideas for others to test. Internet is a good place to test my ideas. That is how I wrote my book.

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