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Case Study - Emission Control: Interpretation of Intercourse without ejaculation for better sexual orgasm- Unedited and Name withdrawn (1/8/1998) ; Free Advice from Dr. Lin.

Reader's E-mail:
> Problems: i've been practicing the tao of love for over two years.. definitely ejaculation is the pleasure of the fools.. however, after three or more intercourses without ejaculation appears a very strong pain in the testicles.The physician told me that the accumulation of semen in the sexual apparatus caused the inflamation of the epididimus therefore causing the excruciating pain. He disrecommended the practice, can you suggest a solution from the point of view of Tao? > Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lin's Answers:

It is very easy for people to misunderstand the Tao of Love. The mis-interpretation of SU-NUI-CHIN - the Bible of Plain Girl will give you this problem. Let's take a close look at some dialogues among the Yellow Emperor, his imperial Doctor, Peng-Tzu, and his female sexual advisors (The Plain Girl (SU-NUI), The Rainbow Girl(TSAI-NUI), and The Dark Girl (SHUEN-NUI):

The Old Yellow Emperor: "I don't want to have sex any more!"

Plain Girl:" You must not do anything contradicting to nature. Refraining from intercourse is entirely against nature. When Yin and Yang forces are not neutralized each other, they can not complement and harmoniize each other. Breathing enables us to get Fresh Chi (air) and expels the Old Chi (waste air), so does intercourse. That is, the penis and vagina have to get exercise regularly, refreshing blood and Chi and exchanging secretion through intercourse. If a man can learn how to control and regulate his ejaculation during sex, he will derive great benefits from intercourse. The retention of semen is highly beneficial to the man's sexual problem."

The Plain Girl suggested the Yellow Emperor (age 60-70 ?) to harmonize his sexual power with his 1200 young mistresses by practicing the ejaculation control and the semen retention. Definitely, the retention of semen can make these who have a weak sexual potential to regain a powerful erection. Most people simply pick up this idea without considering their own physical situation. Perhaps, you are one of them. Instead, I often practice the principle of screwing technique based upon "the penis and vagina have to get exercise regularly, refreshing blood and Chi and exchanging secretion through intercourse." I have practiced the semen retention after 35 when I have a routine morning sexual exercise with screwing technique or when I feel I am not powerful enough (then, give her orgasm without ejaculation). In fact, ejaculation is fully based upon whether or not you can have more energy in the next morning. If I feel the retention of semen will keep a awake over night, I will let it go with a powerful ejaculation to produce the 2nd multi-orgaam for her. So, the principle of the TAO of LOVE is Neutralization and Harmonization of Your Body By Intercourse.

The second possible misleading is from a Taoist book called "Dynastic History Of the Later Han", about 100 A.C., which states

" The art of the intercourse consists of suppressing (regulating) emissions, absorbing the women's secretion, and returning semen to the brain cavity, thereby attaining longevity."

Most people are confused by "suppressing emissions" and "returning semen to the brain cavity." This statement was the advice from the Taoists to the rich and noble who had more than two wives and, perhaps, more than 10 mistresses. If these guys did not suppress emissions, they would die young, around age 30.
Returning semen to the brain cavity is not easy for the ordinary people. First, you have to make sure that your Conceptual and Governing Vessels (the Acupuncture Network runs through the central back and front of your body) are clean without blockage or blood congestion. Second, you must have enough sexual potential (semen is part of it) to drive your Chi upward from your perineum acupoint (Hwei-Yin) to your brain along your spinal cord, with a Lotus sitting posture. If your brain can sense a perfume in your nasal cavity between two eyes, your sexual battery becomes fully charged and then you can practice "Returning Semen to the Brain Cavity." When you practice it with My "Male Sexual ChiCkong Breathing", with periodically contracting the muscle between the tail bone and anus, you will feel a heat flux coupling into the tail bone and ascending up to your brain along the spinal cord. Practicing the retention of semen during intercourse is the fast way to get your sexual battery fully charged. However, if your sexual battery is charged faster than you can return semen to your brain cavity, you still have to let semen go during intercourse. This is another Taoism principle "Overfilling will overflow." In fact during this state, you are benefited by refreshing your sexual hormones.
Every time when you practice "the Retention of Semen", you must deeply massage you sexual organs and genital area to disperse the blood and Chi aculmulated there. Otherwise, you will feel very uncomfortable. The best time for you to practice intercourse without ejaculation is in the morning or during daytime. After intercourse, you should do some heavy physical exercise to consume the excessive sexual energy in your genital area. Sweating can effectively disperse your sexual energy.
The third misleading statement is from the conversation of Peng-Tzu and Rainbow Girl:

Rainbow Girl: "It's generally assumed that a man obtains great pleasure from ejaculation. However, when he learns the TAO of Love (Yin-Yang reunion), he will emit less and less. Won't this reduce this pleasure as well?"

Peng-Tzu: "No! After ejaculating, he becomes tired and thirsty, his ears buzz, he feels his eye lips heavy, his limbs feel weak and stiff, and he falls into sleep in a short time. Ejaculation gives him a moment of sexual pleasure but a long hours of weakness. This is no real pleasure!

However, if he regulates his emission frequency to a minimum and retains his semen as possible as he can, his body will grow strong, he will be confident, and his vision and hearing will be clear. If he frequently practice this emission control, his love to his lady will increase. He will feel he can give more sexual orgasms to her. Is this not an ultimately sexual pleasure!"

From this conservation, it is clear that men should maintain a high level of sexual energy in his body. This conversation is the easiest misunderstanding one. When Peng-Tsu made this statement, he was more than 100 years old. What he said is absolutely correct for those who feel weary or exhausted after ejaculating. The sexual pleasure for men is not derived from ejaculation. In fact, he emphasized on the regulation of ejaculation to retain a high level of testosterone, semen, sperm and DHEA in the man's body.

If you know how to trigger your lady's orgasm, you can give her multi-orgasms without ejaculation. But , how often you should ejaculate? It depends on individual. The Simple Rule is "After ejaculating, you should feel energetic, instead of sleepy and weary." My Sexual ChiKong Intercourse energizes my body in this way that I have morning or daytime sexual intercourse very often without taking a nap, half the times in my sexual life. (NOTE: The Periodic pressures on men's pubic bone/penis base and women's pubic bone/clitoris/G-spot not only provide a good massage for the sex organs during intercourse, but also produce the body electric according to the electromagnetism theory given by Dr. Becker. Try my method of resonant orgasms. You will experience what I described here.)

Reader: Thank you very much for your detailed and thoughtful answer..the massages, the meditation (TM) while pressing the muscle between the anus and the testicles...seem to have solve the problem.
Dr. Lin: Ok, Take care!

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