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Case Study - Solutions for premature ejaculation ! (12/20/1997)

PROBLEM> Dear Dr. Lin,
I have problem with premature ejaculation and to prolong penis erection.
Though I am already married for 5 years now, never before I am able to control ejaculation. My longest was somewhere less than a minute. Usually, I could only last for 20 seconds before reaching to the 'point of no return'. MY wife has been telling me that this problem of mine could be the reason as to why she does not really enjoy sexual-intercourse. In short, she never experienced orgasm thru penis penetration.
I have tried relaxing myself during the act and I believed I do. >From books, we tried the 'woman on top' position which is suppossedly able to help prolong my erection but in my case it was worse. I could only last for 10 seconds. Friend of mine recommended some kind of pill which according to him has real-effect on him. I tried that too but it did not work too.
Another complain from her is that my penis is no longer as hard as before. Once I feel that my penis has erected, I will have to begin the penetrating act immediately or else I would loose my erection. And during the act, I am not suppose to stop in order to control ejaculation for if I do so, I will loose my erection completely. Why is this happening on me?
However, I practise cunnilingus on her and from her body reaction, I know she experiences orgasm. But that just isn't enuf to satisfy her. She wants orgasm with me in her.
Please help. From, HELPLESS

> Free Advice from Dr. Lin.
Sexual problems are very private. I guarantee your privacy! Very sorry to hear about your situation!
According to your statement, your erection and premature ejaculation are correlated. When you have a weak erection, you will try to use the muscle around the prostate to support your erection. When you push every hard to hold the erection by contracting the prostate and its surrounding muscle, your sexual nerves along the urethra to the prostate become hyperactive, and you can not control your ejaculation.
This problem usually happens to the middle-aged men or those who have weak Kidney Chi in their system as a result of the insufficient secretion of adrenal glands or who have blood congestion in their low body (back and genital area) to block the bio-electricity for supporting the penis erection.
According, I have to know
1. Do you try very hard to hold your penis erection during intercourse?
2. How old are you?
3. How long you sit on a chair without standing up in a typical day?
perhaps, you should give me a brief description of your daily jobs.
4. Do you feel numb or pain in your low body (back or genital area)/legs?
Reader: Dear Dr. Lin,
Thank you very much for the prompt response.
Answers to yr questions.
1. I really don't know if I really tried hard to hold my penis erection or rather should I say if I actually used the right method of doing so but I did try by not thinking about ejaculation. In fact, before insertion, I felt that my penis is quite hard but once I am in there, I don't seem to feel the hardness except for the super sensitive feeling at the trigger zone.
2. I am going to be 34yrs old when come July, 98.
3. I am working in a computer section. In fact, I walk about quite often while at work and I do not sit on one workplace for a long time (avg is about half an hour per sitting) due to the nature of work which requires me to move about.
4. I do not feel numb or pain in my lower body.
Thanking you again.

Dr. Lin: The solution for your problem is very simple. Please use the attached graph as a reference.
1. You have to apply pressure to your low abdomen with abdomen breathing ( I call it the Sexual ChiKong Breathing) when you want to plug your penis into her vagina. Use a good love position and posture to prevent overstimualtion on your trigger zone.
2. Hold the expanded abdomen all the time when you thrust her vagina; you may have to hold your breath for 1 or 2 minutes to knock down your excitement.
3. When you are about to come, you must stop action and massage your penis base or perineum, and/or pull down your testes. You can do it without withdrawing penis from the vagina. But, I do it outside the vagina.
4. Then change the love position and let your lady thrust you with my 3-point excitation position. You must hold your expanded abdomen. Hold your breath or open your mouth to breath with pump air in/out of your abdomen. Again, when you feel to come, repeat the massage procedures. After 4 or 5 times, your penis becomes very hard and semi-numbed! And you will last for a long long time.
Don't use the Doggy style because the back-entry doggy style is not friendly to you.

It seems that you are entering the middle-age transition. Your erection may become weak. Weak erection is one of the major causes for the premature ejaculation when men pass their 30's. The common problem is, weak erection forces you to contract the prostate to assist erection. If you practice the so-called PC muscle (the prostate muscle) exercise during sex, you will trigger the prostate to ejaculate in a short time. In this regard, you need a powerful erection to unload your prostate's sympathetic nerve that triggers ejaculation. Once you have a powerful erection which is driven by the prostate's parasympathetic nerve, your prostate will relax and your erection will be hard enough to create an internal penile  blood pressure to numb the penis - blocking the nervous transmission from the glans to the prostate, along the urethra! This is the ultimate solution for men who start to experience premature ejaculation after their 30!   

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