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Case Study:  Cholesterol drug lowered his LDL, but ruined his sex drive.
Reader: 2/14/2011>
Dear Dr Lin
I have familaia cholestroliamia..Inherited high Cholesterol. I'm on Lipittor 40mg..It has brought down my Cholesterol 9.9 to 3.6 but ruined my sex drive completely ?? Can you help..I take Fish Oil..Don't smoke..Healhy..I cant take it anymore..Please help
Dr. Lin: 2/14/2011>
Your androgen hormones DHEA, testosterone and DHT become very low with the lowering LDL drug since your liver, adrenal and testicular function have to use LDL to produce the androgen hormones for sex.
No problem, You can take ViaPal-hGH-P(3-010) and ArgiNOx (1-018), plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal)  to help you increase your androgen hormones for sex.
If you consider to drop the cholesterol drug, you will have to change your diet by avoiding beefs and fat, detoxify your liver with more vegetables,  and take extra slow-release Niacin 500 mg with baby aspirin 81 mg every day.