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Case Study:  DHT is essential to penile regrowth. Penile ballooning increases prostaglandins and nitric oxide release to sensitize the androgen receptors for DHT action.
Reader: 2/01/2011>
Ho strange. I wonder what the mechanism for that is. Perhaps ballooning would be best done in cycles to sensitive and then desensitive AR?!

Here is a very interesting link:
- A man with a genetic abnormality causing a 5-alpha reductase deficiency (therefore high testosterone:DHT ratio) had abnormally small penis. He was treated with 25mg of dihydrotestosterone cream above the pubic area once or twice a day. His penis doubled in size.

Just goes to show, DHT does seem to be the key. And there are treatment options out there for people with deficiency,


Dr. Lin: 2/01/2011>
well, excessive androgen hormones will reduce the sensitivity of the androgen  receptors (AR), as natural protection of the receptors themselves.
Prostaglandins and nitric oxide can increase and reactivate the sensitivity of the penile AR. Penile ballooning is to stimulate prostaglandins and nitric oxide release.