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Case Study:  OverMasturbation since 11 at 2-5 times a day for 3-4 years results in weak erection, premature ejaculation, precum leakage, water ejaculation, little ejaculation, neck muscle pain erectile dysfunction, and impotency at age 18
Reader: 1/27/2011>
Lately I've been very self-conscious about how long I can last in bed. Most of the time, I can only last for about 2-5 minutes before I ejaculate. I can probably tie this to chronic masturbation from when I was much younger, at around the age of 11-12. I used to masturbate everyday 3-5 times for approximately 3-4 years. Now, its gotten to the point where I can make myself ejaculate in 2-5 minutes. Sometimes, I would even use water from the bathtub faucet when I masturbated. I've become very sensitive just at the bottom of the tip on my penis. My erection is at 3 o'clock. Is there any way that I can last much longer in bed? I would also like a harder and more erect penis. I would also like a fuller, thicker cum, because every time I do, its cloudy, not white. I don't feel as if I'm giving my girlfriend the enjoyment that she wants out of it. Please help!
My symptoms are premature ejaculation, pre-cum leakage, watery cum, loss of sperm, very little cum, neck muscle pain.
Help me make the bedroom more enjoyable for my partner by helping me get harder, last longer, and have a much "fuller" cum.
Dr. Lin: 1/27/2011>
yes, you have experienced sexual exhaustion symptoms with a weak serotonin and GABA nervous control on the prostate ejaculation nerves from Discs L1 and L2. Chronic over-masturbation causes the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis in the neuroplastic state to chronically, excessively convert dopamine into norepinephrine for sympathetic nervous Fight and Flight responses to stimulation,  and the resulted norepinephrine induces inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 for hyper-sensitization of your penis and prostate, leading to precum leakage and body pain. It also constricts your arteries for testicular castration.
You will  need ViaPal-hGH-C(3-016) , plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal) and Vitamin D 2000 IU,  to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and  boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.
You also have to practice the anal breathing to de-train your prostate/PC muscle nervous reflex arc.
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