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Case Study: Male orgasm without ejaculation- principle of the anal breathing for neuroplasticity of tailbone nerves S1-S5
Reader: 1/07/2011>
Dear Dr Lin,

First of all,

Im really glad i have found your site. 
A few months ago i have been checking out a forum (cant remember wich one). On the forum someone said, males can have multiple orgasms without ejaculation. And of course every man would dream about it! 

He had a little description about breathing deeply and exhaling normally, nothing more. I couldent really believe him but still the next day on my work i tried it out. I was supprised because it actually worked, after repeating it many times, i managed to have ha orgasm while inhaling. After inhaling came the exhale, then inhaling again i experienced another orgasm. After those two orgasm it stopped.

That happend a month ago, but after that day i received an orgasm it didnt happen to me again while doing the same exercises every single day, sadly enough.

So i searched on Google for maybe some tutorials or exercises, which lead me to your site!

A few days ago i started isolating my tailbone, the thing i did was fully relax my body and mind. I learned how to contract my tailbone muscle(s) without contracting any pc mucles by adding a small amount of pressure to the bladder.

While i was going to bed, i was just contracting my tailbone for fun a little bit because it feels good! while just playing a bit i contracted my tailbone muscle to the front of my body lightly, then i rappidly contract it (lightly).
i achieved an orgasm, without even using a breathing method! And now practicing it again it does not work anymore.

Then i used the anal breathing method. Relaxing my body breathing really slowly and deeply concentrating my mind to the CV1, and when my lungs couldent cap anymore i lightly contract my tailbone muscle and exhale slowly. 

Sometimes, really sometimes i could feel energy moving up my spinal to my head and it feels fantastic, like an orgasm is approaching. I also felt that my perineum was expanding and i gained a erection because of the excitement.
Sad enough it only lasted one exhale then the pleasure stops again, while doing the same breathing, i dont get it... 

My problem is, I do rarely get orgasmic feelings. The weird thing is that the orgasmic feeling suddenly appears while doing all the time the same thing.

It is driving me nuts, because i know i can get an orgasm because i had it once or twice but i cant figure it out how i did it before..

Sorry for the long story, i hope you can give me some tips or some more details about how you do these methods. I can tell you i have almost read everything on your site for more information or a solution, i keep training myself everyday to become multi orgasmic. I hope i become one some day :D

Kind Regards,

Dr. Lin: 1/07/2011>You have to continue to train your tailbone nervous reflex arc into neuroplasticity, so that you can replace the orgasmic nervous reflex arc of spinal discs L1 and L2 by the tailbone nervous reflex arc of S1-S5.  The training of the sexual nervous reflex arc is similar to the martial art reflex arc training. Once you train the tailbone reflex arc of S1-S5 into neuroplasticity in response to sexual stimulation from touching, visual, vocal or imagination(fantasy), you cut off the L1 and L2 orgasmic reflex arc.  You can use somatic nerves to pulse your tailbone for orgasm without triggering the ejaculation nervous circuits of L1 and L2. This control method  is a result of anal breathing training that brings the tailbone reflex arc of S1-S5 into neuroplasticity for orgasm without ejaculation.