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Case Study:  How bipolar can cause vaginal burning sensation, no sexual orgasm
Reader: 12/07/2010>
I have been living with bi-polar for many many years. I wish to stop taking mediaction (lithium, seroquel and other prescribed drugs which just seem to dull my mood) I also experience sexual problems, mostly a terrible burning sensation not long after becoming aroused or starting penetrative sex with my partner. He notices the burning sensation on his penis and finds it difficult not to ejaculate and when he does there is no orgasm.
I do not masturbate and don't feel I've ever had excessive sex. Nor have i taken birth control substances or abused recreational drugs. Alcohol consumption is minimal...maybe 1 - 3 glasses or standard drinks a week.
Please help...

Dr. Lin: 12/07/2010>  

Your hypothalamus and adrenal glands abruptly and excessive convert dopamine into norepinephrine upon stimulation.
The excessive norepinephrine elevation triggers cytockines and COX-2 to release prostaglandin E2 in your vaginal, cervical and uterine tissues.
Prostaglandin E2 disables the vaginal, cervical and uterine neuroimmunity for sperms to survive,  to assist a sperm to fertilize an egg, and to further let the fertilized egg implant into the uterine line. However, excessive prostaglandin E2 causes burning sensation for the vulva, urethra and vagina even without penile penetration.
The vagina-penetrated penis will become burning when the penis and urethra are soaked in the vaginal fluid, although the male seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbourethral glands are also producing a lot of prostaglandins (E1, E2, E3,,,,) to help sperms to survive through the urethral tract.
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