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Case Study:   Over 25 years chronic over-masturbation / over-ejaculation results in sexual addiction, constant ejaculation urgency, joint pain, blurry vision, ear buzzing, eye floaters, hypertension, dizziness, memory loss, urinary urgency, drowsiness, and concentration for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 11/20/2010>

i feel the urge to masterbate all the time,i try to restrain myself for days but it builds up and any woman i see i feel aroused. i have masterbated for over 25 years and one day i stopped cold turkey and man i went crazy really. and even when i dont masterbate sperm comes out in the towlett. this problem has so messed me up that i no longer want to masterbate for pleasure, i just want to relieve the built up pressure. my joints hurt,blurred vision,buzzing in ear eye floaters,border hypertention,dizzy, memory loss when i drink water i have to urinate often unwanted discharge ,it seems i have most all the symptoms you listed except ejac disor. i have masterbated 7 times a day before quitting.i seem to allways fall asleep ,and have very poor concentation i read a book a page at a time,most time i cant tell anyone what i just read. help if you can. im trying very hard not to look at porn
Dr. Lin: 11/20/2010> 
You get sexual exhaustion symptoms and persistent sex arousal and addiction due to excessive hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion and its induced excessive inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 release in your brain, joints, muscles, seminal vesicles  and prostate.  Excessive norepinephrine and prostaglandin E2 not only inflames your brain, eyes, ears, seminal vesicles and prostate, but also pressurize your seminal vesicles to move (emit) semen into your inflammatory prostate for ejaculation urgency.  The prostaglandin E2 also stimulates your bladder for urinary release. Overall, your symptoms are well documented in
The solution is to cool down your hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion, to reduce prostaglandin E2 release, and to restore your serotinin and GABA nervous control on the dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis.

yes, You will  need ViaPal-hGH-P(3-010) and PinealTonin (1-017), plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal), Vitamins A 10000 IU, C 2000 mg, E 400 IU and  D 2000 IU,  to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, restore your serotonin and GABA nervous function,  and  boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.