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Case Study:  He said 'Since getting back in the Midnight Cowboy business, your products have been helping a lot. Thank you.....Last week I serviced 10 clients in one day' How to benefit your body from serving 10 clients a day - the Old Taoism theory: extract the female essence via sexual intercourse and female orgasm
Reader: 11/11/2010>

Dr. Lin,
Since getting back in the Midnight Cowboy business, your products have been helping a lot.  Thank you. 
Is it safe to eat Ox Testicles and other glandulars with ViaPal HGH P, Detoxia, Arginox, and Pinealtonin?  That is the program you recommended for me last time.  Currently I am taking ViaPal HGH J, Detoxia, Arginox, and Pinealtonin.  I want to add in Ginseng 4x, PeniSOS, and Ox Testicles when I switch over to Via Pal HGH P.  I was going to add these ingredients because I have gotten an extreme number of clients in the short time since I returned to the business.  Last week I serviced 10 clients in one day.

Thank you,
Dr. Lin: 11/12/2010> 

Boy, I like your job :-) . I think I am too old for this job.
Yes,  adding Ginseng 4x, PeniSOS, and Ox Testicles or other glandulars  to your current program with ViaPal HGH J, Detoxia, Arginox, and Pinealtonin is very helpful.
Change ViaPla-hGH-J to ViaPla-hGH-P for testosterone support.  By the way, Limit your ejaculation frequency and conserve your semen for better services and erection.

Reader: 11/12/2010>  By the way, the other glandulars, besides the testicles I was going to add are pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, and whole brain.  Would it be a good idea to take some prostate as well?
Thanks Dr. Lin!
P.S. I just placed another large order of $700+.  That shows how much I truly appreciate your products.

Dr. Lin: 11/13/2010> Yes. eat whole brains.  Animal brains contains neurotransmitters chemistry and hormones.  I like salmon fish heads
Animal prostates, testicles or penises contain testosterone and DHT.  Deer,  elk or ram prostate, testicles and penis are the best. Hunting season is almost there in the north. You can buy a lot of them and store them in the freezer.
Giving your clients orgasms without ejaculating is the best way to preserve your body.  This old Taoism practice can enhance your dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis. The old Taoists consider this practice is to extract the female essence to nourish the male body via sexual intercourse.  An animal experiment by couple Canadian Scientists  with implanting an electrode sensor in the mouse hypothalamus shows that  sex boost the brain dopamine level, but every ejaculation brings it down and that re-introducing a new female partner to the sexually  exhausted male jumps the brain dopamine level up again. This experiences seems prove the old Taoism hypothesis that having sex with multiple healthy, young partners without ejaculation "everyday" can power your brain to an extreme and solve a lot of health problems.  The animal experiment makes me believe the theory.
You should follow the old Taoism practices for your benefits while serving your clients with a lot of sexual orgasms.  My advice is:  Have sex with the first client to power your body and to prepare for the 2nd client one. In this way, you won't feel exhausted after serving 10 clients in one day. Instead, you may find out you have a bigger penis after couple months since you practice penile ballooning with your clients' vagina many times a day.
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