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Case Study:  chronic use of cockring results in an hourglass penile deformity
Reader: 10/28/2010>
Hello, I have had an hourglass deformity for almost 2 years now & sometimes an ache that seems to originsate from the underside of the penis near the base. It seemed to have begun from getting a cock ring stuck. I have been to 2 urologist the first diagnosed me with Peyronie's, the second told me I had barely any scar tissue & doesn't understand why I would still be having problems. In the beginning there was a lot of pain, but now just an occasional dull ache. The hourglass is less pronounced then it was prior, but still there. Both urologists tell me to keep using it frequently, but it does better when I leave it alone for a while. Another disterbing factor is that I seem to have developed spider veins on the upper part of the shaft. All of this has contributed greatly to my already existing axiety & depression. Hopefully you can help me in some way, you seem to know your stuff about this sort of thing.
Thank you in advance,
Dr. Lin: 10/28/2010> 

yes, cocking destroys some of the penile erectile tissues, which turns to scar.
I have documented a lot of cockring induced penile damages in