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Case Study:  He said ';I am enjoying your products,' AND he wants become a Midnight Cowboy again! Suggestion: Learn Dr. Lin's techniques to make your partners achieve orgasm without ejaculation.
Reader: 10/15/2010>
Thank you for getting my second order out to me so quickly.  I am enjoying your products, Dr. Lin. 
I have a few more questions....I am sorry to keep bothering you with them.  I told you that I have a very high stress job, get irregular sleep, and have multiple sexual partners.  But, I neglected to tell you I have taken Anabolic Steroids and Viagra in the past.  And I have multiple partners because of my OTHER job as a "Midnight Cowboy" as I saw you put it in one of your articles.
Once again, I am 27yo, 6'3" tall, 195lbs., the only health/symptom I forgot to tell you about before is a right bundle branch block.  One doctor calls it a bundle branch block one says it is "athletic heart syndrome."  Neither one thinks it is a big deal and I pass my yearly physical for the fire department with no problem. 
In one of your articles you recommend Viapal HGH P for "midnight cowboys" and you recommend ViaGrowth IV for young men who have abused steroids.
I am still on a low dose of ViaPal HGH J, 1 Arginox daily, 1 Pinealtonin daily, & 3000 mgs fish oil.  I just added Detoxia and Borage Oil today.  You told me I could take my old herbs (muira puama, maca, and catuaba) with it.....but I have only been taking your products so far.
With all that said. Considering that I am young, but I have abused steroids and viagra, AND I am going to go back to being a "Midnight Cowboy" soon....should I order ViaPal HGH P next time?  Should I bump up my dose of ViaPal HGH J for now? I want extremely hard erections on demand, ability to have lots of sex (well) everyday, while still doing well on my real job as a firefighter, getting little sleep, and practicing/teaching nei gung and kung fu.  What should I order next time? What dose should I take of what I have now?
Thank you for your time and efforts, Sir.  I know you are a busy man and I truly appreciate the help you have given me and others..

Dr. Lin: 10/15/2010>  Next time, you should order ViaPal-hGH-P and ArgiNOx.
If you want to be Midnight Cowboy again, you should learn my techniques to make your partners achieve orgasm without ejaculation. In this way, you can save your semen when you have sex with one partner; or you can make multiple partners achieve orgasms but only limit one final ejaculation. It is very important for you to preserve your semen when "erection on demand" is essential for your job. I have found optimal preservation of semen can make erection much harder and bigger and last much longer.