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Case Study:  He said 'I really believe you have not only improved my quality of life but quite probably saved my life also and many others.'

Reader: 8/30/2010>
Hi Dr Lin,
A million thankyous!!
As you may remember I was reacting badly to the B3 in your supplements when I started to take them, however I believe I have trained my body to utilise the nutrients and after having severe premature ejaculation problems, anxiety\stress, depression, eye floaters, ear ringing, mood swings etc I have had an inspirational moment this morning when I was able to last 45 minutes! while moving the sexual energy throughout my body. The ringing in my ears has quietened and I feel energised and alot lighter in my body.
I understand now - the bodies energy is sexual energy (life force) and I believe after years of over masturbation mine was trapped in my genitals, groin area and wasn't able to move about my body - thus cutting off growth, healing and stopping nutrients from making there way around my body, especially to extremities (hands, feet and brain, resulting in memory loss and poor concentration.)
You are a god send Dr Lin - I can not thank you enough for your research and work - not only that but the way you take the time every day to answer emails from all over the world and don't ask for anything in return!
I really believe you have not only improved my quality of life but quite probably saved my life also and many others Dr Lin - You have my sincere gratitude.
I have told friends about your site but I hope one day I will find a way to properly thank you.

Dr. Lin: 8/31/2010>
yes, sexual energy is psychiatric and psychic energy. It is very powerful and addictive.  You need it to support your neuro-immune and psychological stability, but excess of it will dry you nut.