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Case Study:  Over-masturbation with ejaculating twice in 5 minutes lets him feel empty, pain in the urethra and glans penis, semen leakage every 10 minutes for impotence and no more sex orgasm

Reader: 8/23/2010>
Dear Dr. Lin,
The other day i masturbated twice in a row (5 mins inbetween).. I basically overmasturbated because i could feel that i was empty but decided to do it anyway... well afterwards i felt a pain in my urethra, slighty below the head.. i thought this was normal because i sometimes get this pain when masturbating too much... however the next day i was changing my clothes and i realized that i was leaking semen in my underwear.. its been 4 days now and i havent masturbated since...yet i still feel a slight on/off, pain/itching in the shaft near the head, and a drop of clear, sometimes milky, seminal fluid will leak around every 10 mins... I am very worried and embarrassed to go see a doctor, i came across your website online and i hope you can help me... I would like to know if i damaged something? and whether this is permanent or whether it can be fixed or go away? Thank you very much.

Dr. Lin: 8/23/2010>Yes, over-masturbation damages the central and prostate nervous control and induce inflammation in the prostate and bulbourethral glands for semen leakage.
Semen leakage enhances your central nervous disorders for persistent sexual exhaustion. Chronic over-masturbation causes neuroplasticity of the dopamine, cholinergic/vagal, serotonin, GABA and sympathetic nerves in the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. Neuroplasticity means the structural change of nerves for better or worse. If neuroplasticity lets you memorize and learn more new things, that is good. If it let you forget things and lose concentration and mind, that is bad. It also lets you becomes addictive to sex, and sexually exhausted.