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Case Study:  Heavy (over) masturbation with powerful orgasm 3 times a day results in skin hives, eczema, itchy feet and hands, inflammatory hair follicles and slow healing power.

Reader: 8/18/2010>
Hi Dr Lin
I used to email you quite a bit years ago, I still enjoy your site...hope all is well with you!
I have a question about skin hives, eczema, itchy feet, this all histamine related? for the last 6 months i have masturbated quite heavily with powerful orgasms sometimes three times a day..i am 32 by the way...far too much i know..i eat meat cheese eggs coffee...all stimulants for sure lately i have been getting itchy lower legs and feet...inflammed hair follicles on front of legs and when i scratch these areas they turn red..and stay red for a long time...i have a feeling that it is because i am masturbating everyday mutliple times that i develop these itchy symptoms how do you suggest is the best way to overcome this itchyness and slow healing....? (hydrocortizone 1percent doesn't really help by the way)
thank you for your advice God Bless

Dr. Lin: 8/18/2010> You need a high dose of Vitamin D 2000 IU to work with Cortisone gel. combine both Hydrocortizone and Vitamin D.
You can take Vitamin D orally.