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Case Study:  episiotomy without stitching the perineum back results in vaginal enlargement for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/2/2010>
Hi, I admire your site and the great respect towards women. I have not had real orgasm after my vaginal delivery with forceps and episiotomy 12 yrs ago. I have a very strong libido and great relationship with my husband. Evrything is well - arousal and climax but I don't have the muscular contractions of orgasm I had before the delivery. I have no contractions at all. It feels I had no orgasm. My OB says the episiotomy was not stiched at all and I have no perineum. She offered restitching. I have read about your negative attitude towards surgery. I have read about horrible experience of women who went through perineorrhaphy. But how can somebody without a perineum experience an orgasm? I have done lots of Kegels and is does not make any difference.

Dr. Lin: 8/2/2010> yes, I have 3 women: one wife of 34 years, and two adult daughters.
I have trained to respect women by my grandma and mom in the childhood.
I am very proud of serving my wife well and letting my 2 daughters get the highest education.
Orgasm is the brain response process to the nervous stimulation of sex (reproductive) organs.
episiotomy won't interfere with the sexual nervous function since the major sexual nerves are located in the front wall of the vagina or the vaginal/urethral boundary tissues.
Intensive stimulation on the the vaginal/urethral boundary tissues will trigger orgasm.
Try my Finger Pliers stimulation

episiotomy without stitching to saw the damaged tissues back results in  the enlargement of the vaginal entrance. This can result in losing the stimulation pressure on the G-spot and epicenter or misleading the glans penis to missing the g-spot and Epicenter.
stitching is not a surgery; instead, it is a repair. You should have the damaged repair.