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This website is based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE, a bridge between the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science
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Case Study:  Semen and sperm retention result in penile and testicular pain and sexual arousal difficulty, as bad as the result of over-masturbation

Reader: 3/23/2010>
I have ordered the products you mentioned and should receive them within a matter of days now.  I read on your website that retention of semen can be as bad as overmasturbation.  I have quit masturbation and sex but noticed that if I get aroused I suffer inflammatory pains in penis and testicles.  It has been a few weeks now that I have quit.  It is very difficult being around my girlfriend and trying not to get aroused.  I still get erections but have avoided doing anything because I don't want to prevent full recovery.  Should I stay away from her for a while?  Should I retain ejaculate if I get aroused?  I'm very thankful that I still get erections just don't want anymore inflammatory pain with it.  I take many vitamin supplements such as fish oil, vitamin A, and Vitamin D just like you suggested plus 5-Htp, Ginseng, L-Arginine, Zinc, Ginkgo, and DHEA.  Oh, last thing My mom wanted to know if my health condition is hereditary?  I suppose she thinks dad has health trouble also.  Thanks for your advice, and can't wait to start rejuvenating my system.
Dr. Lin: 3/24/2010>If semen retention gives your pelvic and testicular congestion pain, this means your semen and sperm production are still very active.  The inflammatory pain is a result of semen and sperm  accumulation inside the seminal vesicles and and testicles ( from the seminiferous tubules, the rete testis ,  the efferent ducts, and  the epididymis to the vas deferens). The retaining semen, which also contains a high level of prostaglandin E2 and all the nervous chemicals for the brain and nervous function,  can increase the central dopamine nervous function, but  the expansion of the seminal vesicles and the testicular ducts induces additional release of prostaglandin E2 for stimulate the hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion and inflames the local sympathetic nerves for inflammatory, anxious and stressful responses (the sympathetic fight) in an attempt to expel semen and sperms out of the body.
If you can reduce the adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion and  suppress the inflammatory responses, your central dopamine nervous function becomes very powerful while  you can retain your semen and sperms for a long, longer time.  Generally, the most difficult time in seminal retention practices is during the 5-7th day after last ejaculation.  This is because your testosterone level shoots up after the 5th day.  Testosterone usually stimulate the norepinephrine action on the orgasmic sympathetic nervous circuits from discs L1 and L2 and also accelerates semen production in accompany with sperm production. If you can pass the 7th day, the testosterone level and your testicular function go back down again, so do the semen and sperm production. To suppress the sympathetic nervous fight responses during the 5th-7th days, you have to take extra 5-HTP, GABA and Fish Oil with Vitamins A, B-complex, C and D, and do a lot of physical exercises, about 3-4 hours every day. You may encounter sleeping disorders when your dopamine or/and norepinephrine level is too high, you will need extra timed-release (slow-release) melatonin to offset the dopamine or/and norepinephrine action on your retina and pineal gland, so that you can initiate sleeping when your eyes don't expose to the light.  You should jog 3-4 miles for about 45 minutes before breakfast and take a walk for 1 hour after dinner. In this way, you can boost your dopamine nervous function, so that the dopamine nervous function can run down before you go to bed. When I was 22,  I was in the military boost camp for 6 months, where I didn't have erection, ejaculation or wet dream at all from day 1. I was burned out every day and of course, had a good sleep from 10 PM to 6 AM every day. My sexual function resumed normal or even better after I got out of the boost camp.

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