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News updated:

Case Study: Starting masturbation at age 8 and doing  over-masturbation  age 13 resulted in low back pain, premature ejaculation (in 1 minute), memory loss, no brain power, poor concentration, muscle weakness, depression, tiredness, and soft erection at age 16 now.
Reader: 10/02//2009>
Dear Dr.Lin

I am a 16 year old boy.
And I have masturbated too much and have the problems of it.
I have these problems/symptoms:

* lower back pain
* I ejaculait too fast, I ejaculait in like 1 minute
* memory loss, My brainpower is so low, it has affected my school.
* I have muscles but they are soft, and i do sport ( taikwondo)
* I think that I dont grow so good.
* I am tired all the day
* I dont have a good concentration
* I have soft erections, not so hard as first

I began with masturbation when i discover it, that was by 8 years old. but then i mastubaited not so much, I think that i really began to masturbait at the age of 11. I masturbait then like every day 1 time, at the age of 13 i masturbaited 2 times a day, and 1 month i masturbaited 4 times a day, and then i stopped for like 1.5 years. At the age of 15 i began to masturbait, but this time, i mastubaited like 4 times a week, and some times 10 times a week. And i began too feel weaker and weaker, my problems began to come. i stopped then for 9 months, and i began to feel good again, i regain energy and at the age of 16 i masturbated 1 time and that was 4 months ago. And know i dont masturbait, i feel good, but not so good as first.

If i ejaculait i feel so strange, it like that all of my energy is draining, and my brain get's shocks or something.

And dr.lin i ask you what i must to do, i am so young and i didn't know, i have cried why i masturbaited so much. I have no money to buy your products. But can you still give me advice and say to me when i am recoverd. And i think that i am not grown good. Can you say to me what i can eat? or can you say to me what i can buy in The netherlands? because i dont know what for medicine i need.

I overmasturbated too much, and i shame that i have did it so much. But know i have made a new me, i can control my self, i want to recover, i am smiling again, i want to be a man!

Can you help me with it?

I hope that you understand what i try to say, i have a bad english.

have a nice day


Dr. Lin: 10/2/2009>

Yes, chronic over-masturbation has damaged your brain, nervous system and body, and inflamed prostate, brain and joints.
I think it has
castrated your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis by arterial constriction and inflammatory narrowness in your brain and pelvic organs. As a result, your brain can not get enough blood flow and hormones to function properly.
You should stop masturbation and take  a high dose of Fish Oil 2000 mg 3 times day, Vitamin D 1000 IU every day.
Avoid beef.

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