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News updated:

Case Study:  Water-jet masturbation results in frequent urination urgency even with an empty bladder, and clitoral pain, fatigue and legs and hands shaking for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/08/2009>
E-mail 1: hi doctor lin,

i've been using waterjet to masturbate on my clitoris. 2 months ago i started to feel my clitoris become very sensitive. After masturbation i will feel awful pain on my clitoris. Also, i have quite high urinary frequency since i have this pain. I always feel the pain before and after urine. 

I've stopped masturbating 3 weeks ago but I don't see any big improvement. I still feel the tingling/needle pain on my clitoris sometimes.

Any suggestion for me?


9/13/2009 E-mail -2:  Dear Dr. Lin,

I'm glad to find this site. There are many cases similar to me.

I'm female 23. I've been masturbating for the past 7 years by the water-jet vibration on my clitoris. (Other than this I'm a total healthy person, not consuming any medicines)

Sometimes I feel there's a urgency in urination although I don't have much urine inside my bladder. Then I found if i masturbate, the urgency sometimes will go away.
Last 2 months, I have this urgency again. I thought I'm having UTI so I went to doctor for antibiotics and medicines. But the urgency/uncomfort doesn't go away.
I tried to masturbate for few times the urgency just get worse and i felt pain on my clitoris and bladder.
Before urine I will feel cramp and tightness somewhere down there. After urine I will feel striking/needle pain somewhere down there on clitoris and bladder (especially if I stress a little amount of urine out).

I went to so many doctors and check up but all are normal. Blood test, utrasound, urine test all are normal.
The urologist put me on bladder relaxant for 4 weeks and but that does not help me much.

I have suffered from the pain on and off for 2 months although I stopped masturbation last month. Also, I feel fatigue sometimes. Legs and hands will be shaking in certain position.

Can you suggest me what should I do/ eat to recover?
Sorry to ask but I need to know will the tablets have any side effect? For how long do I need to consume the tablets?
Depend on your experience, how long do you think it takes to relieve me from the pain and uncomfort?
I'm from Malaysia, can I purchase the tablets online? It will be posted to me?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr. Lin: 9/13/2009>This problem is due to the tissue and nervous abrasion of your urethral orifice damaged by the the water jet.
The pain and urethral urgency are a result of excessive inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 in the damaged urethral-orifice tissues and nerves.  Legs or hands shaking is due to a low dopamine nervous control and muscle weakness as a result of excessive dopamine-norepinephrine conversion for dopamine depletion, high prolactin, and arterial constriction and inflammation.
You can take our LoveLonger (3-008), plus Fish pOil 2000 mg 3 times a day and Vitamin D 1000 IU a day, to help you regenerate the urethra-orifice  tissues and nervous integrity- http://www.actionlove.com/mail/herbform.htm 
If you can not find Fish Oil and Vitamin D, we can help you to get them from our local store too.
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