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News updated:

Case Study: Penile enlargement exercises, weightlifting and stretching  damaged his penis, resulting in penile pain.
Reader: 8/29/2009>
Hello Dr. Lin, 

I am 18 and just  found your site today and am so excited after an unfruitful online search for penis enhancement injuries.

Last september, I was attempting to enlarge my penis by the methods in Mantak Chia's Multi-orgasmic man. This involved pulling the limp penis forward, down, to the right, and the left. Then with an erect penis, jelqing, pulling the penis to either side and doing circles, and then slapping the penis against each inner thigh, afterwards soaking it in warm water.

After a few weeks of doing these exercises with them not hurting, I did double or triple the amount of stretches one day. Afterward, I felt pain in my penis. The next day I did the stretches again, and I felt pain but I finished the exercises. This went on a couple of days before I stopped stretching my penis. 

I have not done them since, but to this day there has been a pain in the right side of the bottom of my shaft and in the right pubic area around and on the pubic bone. The pain increases after I have masturbated (I don't feel it as much with an erection) and sometimes if I sit down and my penis is srunched up in my jeans I feel pain. 

And pulling my penis down and to the left towards my thigh (when I'm standing up) is what causes the most pain. I feel like the pain in my pubic area connects and extends into the right bottom part of my shaft.

I apologize for all the details, but I want to be as clear as possible. I looked through the emails you answered on your website, and none that I found really fit the pain I am feeling. If you think there is one, please refer me to it, maybe I have just missed it. But if not, I will reply clarifying myself.

What can I do to relieve whatever is causing this pain? massage? (if so, how and where) ice? herbs?

Thank you so much for your presence on the internet, filling a gaping hole on information about sexual injuries. (in sixth grade sex ed class, someone asked the teacher if a penis could break. She said no. She was wrong.)

Again, thank you so much. I look forward to your reply.

Dr. Lin: 8/29/2009>You got over-stretching damage in  the left penile nerves.
This condition is like a physical nervous damage when you over-stretch a muscle.
When you stress hormone norepinephrine runs high, you get inflammatory pain in the weak spot.
This happens to your penis.
I have collected a lot of penile damage as a result of penile enlargement exercises, weightlifting and over-stretching with mechanical stretchers or extender in this link -
All the damages are similar; some in either side of the penis; others in the superior side; even some inside the body, near the bulbourethral glands.

The penile damage usually causes the penile bending.
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