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Case Study: Why does  over-masturbation cause loose stool, sharp abdominal pains, digestive panic response, diarrhea and vision deterioration as parts of sexual exhaustion symptoms.? on the role of norepinephrine induced prostaglandin E2 and histamine 
Reader: 8/16/2009>
Hello, I've been over masturbating since I was in 5th grade.  I have a lot of loose stool and strong, sharp abdominal pains.  I've always had good vision, but I've also had to get glasses almost out of no where.  I've read your site and the cases presented and I believe I'm having this problem.  What exactly should I take for this problem?  Are their certain types of foods I can eat to help regain what I am missing back?  

Also, is the basic problem about over masturbation is that the nerves are shot?  I also get eye twitches frequently!  Please Help.
Dr. Lin: 8/16/2009>Yes, you will need  LoveLonger(3-008), plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal, that is 3 times a day) and Vitamin D 1000 IU twice a day  to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, stabilize your serotonin and GABA nervous control, power your dopamine and acetylcholine nervous function, reduce your stress hormone norepinephrine, prostaglandin E2 and histamine production,  and  boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.

Chronic over-masturbation results in weak vagal/cholinergic/parasympathetic serotonin and GABA nervous modulation on the norepinephrine/sympathetic nervous function with excessive dopmaine- norepinephrine conversion and its elicited prostaglandin E2, prolactin and histamine release for  digestive panic and inflammation responses and visual disorders and degeneration.
Chronically excessive norepinephrine, prolactin and prostaglandin E2, with a low dopamine, causes autoimmune disorders and  the body in effect attacks itself.  Excessive prostaglandin E2 causes hypersensitivity of cells, including master cells although spray of Exogenous prostaglandin E2 can relax the constricted airway during asthma. Studies shows that prostaglandin E2 potentiates the Immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated histamine release from the cultured mast cell via its EP3 and/or EP1 receptors (http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/mksg/all/2006/00000061/00000004/art00016http://www.jimmunol.org/cgi/content/full/169/8/4586 and http://www.jimmunol.org/cgi/content/full/165/11/6545 ). Actually, both prostaglandin E2 and IgE mutually enhance each other - http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1577113 
. The immune system's mast cells secrete histamine which is supposed to attack enemies (allergens) which are prostaglandin E2. Histamine is a powerful neurohormone which can affect the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory system, eyes, ears, skin or the cardiovascular system..
Histamine causes skin hives or rashes, tearing ears, inflammatory inner ears,  runny nose, coughing, trouble breathing or swallowing,  stomach pains, cramps or diarrhea. Sexual exhausted persons may experience a combination of  these symptoms.
In the digestive system, gastric acid, or the so-called  stomach acid,  is released under the regulation of both the autonomic nervous system and several hormones. The vagus nerve and the hormone gastrin stimulate the parietal cell to release gastric acid; both directly acting on parietal cells and indirectly, through the stimulation of the secretion of the hormone histamine from enterochromaffine-like cells.
Prostaglandin E2 causes inflammatory bowel disease and promote colon cancers -
Eye twitches results from nervous over-excitation of the eye muscles by the excessive norepinephrine, prostaglandin E2 or/and histamine while the serotonin and GABA modulation on the motoring nerves is too weak
Prostaglandin E2 and histamine also cause eye inflammation and itching.
The human retinal pigment epithelial produces prostaglandin E2.  Excessive prostaglandin E2 causes blood–retinal barrier and/or inflammation and retinal tears. Retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells form a barrier epithelium between the neural retina and the choriocapillaris (a layer of capillaries that is immediately adjacent to Bruch's membrane in the choroid.). They play an important role in the blood–retinal barrier and control access of nutrients from the choroidal blood supply to the outer retina. RPE cells have many other functions, including reduction of light scattering, participation in the visual cycle, the removal of waste products (including shed outer segment membranes), and the maintenance of the interphotoreceptor ionic environment. Inflammation or damage of RPE will cause Proliferative vitreoretinopathy,  a phenomenon of scar tissue formation within the vitreous or by subretinal membranes as a result of an aberrant wound-healing process.

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