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News updated:

Case Study:  He was tied by a heating female pig's cervix, and fully drained out his semen and sperms, leading to testicular inflammatory pains.
Reader: 7/16/2009>Hi dr. Lin. I would like to ask you about an experience I had the other days with a female pig. Well, she was in her heat and she was very persistent that I relieved her, but that was my first time with a sow. Anyway, when I entered her my penis was not fully erected, but I noticed that her vagina was very swollen, wet and slippery. So, after a few thrusts, I don't know how but my testicles got inside her! And then as it was normal, my penis got even deeper in her. Then ,I felt an enormous pressure on it and lots of fluids running from her part.Of course I ejaculated but I couldn't get out of her because of my unckward situation. The problem was that my exit was delayed even  more by her genitalia "behavour". I mean that probably she thought that I was a boar and my penis was locked in her womb and she was trying to get more sprem from me which ended with my penis pain.
So concluding how could you explain in details: 1)The fact that my testicles got in? and 2)The proceidure that her genitalia system followed in order to make me ejaculate and keep me in even after my first ejaculation ?  Thank you very much
Dr. Lin: 7/16/2009>Your penis had penetrated into the pig cervix. The pig cervix is approximately one inch in diameter and about 6-8 inches in length, connecting the vagina and the uterus. It contains a series of five interdigitating pads to interlock the penis with a high contraction pressure to suck out all the semen and sperm.  Almost all of the female animal or insects that allow the penis to penetrate into their cervix have this interlocking mechanism. Once the penis is locked by the cervix, the penis can not be pulled out until all the semen and sperms are empty, and the penis become flaccid. This is called mating or copulatory tie in animal mating. It also happens to human. Some male insects die from mating due to a full drain of semen and sperms; and you just experienced testicular inflammatory pain from excessive ejaculation.  The cervix is flexible during heat (ovulation);  its office can open and close in responses to sex hormones. It opens during ovulation or when an animal is  in heat; and close when progesterone becomes high. In the pre-ovulation, it may become semi-opened. Generally, semen's prostaglandin E2 can stimulate the ovarian function to release progesterone instantly upon ejaculating semen into the cervix and uterus. Then,  progesterone triggers the cervix to close and to lock up the penis.  Once the reason for the cervix to tie up  is to prevent semen and sperms from getting out of the uterus and cervix, and thus, to improve fertility. Dogs are the animals which are likely to experience mating tie.

The bottom line is: Sexually abuse the female animal may cause your sexual exhaustion and risk your health.


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