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News updated:

Case Study:  He said ' You and your products are making a big difference in the world.'  release of his prostate and perineun pains. the side effects of antibiotics: allergy and asthma by over-stimulating the master cells and promoting the liver enzyme aromatic amino acid decarboxylase action, for excessive histidine-histamine conversion and prostaglandin D2 production.
Reader: 7/09/2009>Dr. Lin,

I've been takiing your products for about six weeks now, and have noticed some improvements. I need your advice though.

First of all, I am taking the following supplements:

ViaGrowth IV 2x/day
MoodMax 2x/day
ArgiNoOx 2x/day
Pinealtonin 2x/day
DopraFibra 1x/day before bed
Ginseng 4x 2x/day
5HTP 100mg 1x/day
Meatonin 3mg time-release 1x/at bed time

Also, I began taking Doxycycline HYC 100mg 2x/day about two weeks ago on the direction of a urologyst.

Although I did experience some increase in libido for the first few weeks, now I again have almost no libido at all, especially since taking the Doxycycline, which I am supposed to take "just in case" I have an infection for the next four weeks.

Could the antibiotic Doxycycline be causing my loss of libido? What can I do about it? I have been told I do not have an infection, but to take the antibiotic "just in case".

I sleep a little better these days since taking your products, getting maybe six hours a night on average now. I used to average less than four hours a night. Is there anything else I can do to get at least eight hours a night, or will my sleep improve as I continue to take your products?

Although I used to masterbate a lot in my younger years, I do so rarely now because I have no desire to do so. I try to do so once a week to "clear the fluids". Should I continue to do so?

I have far less prostate and perenial pain then I did before taking your products, but it's still there. Will the pain continue to go away as I take your products in the coming months? Is it your experience that it can take months or a year or more to effect healing in cases of prostitis and low libido?

I noticed you mentioned in some of your posts that excercise is OK depending on the intensity. Just as clarification, is it OK to work out hard or run very hard while trying to recover from sexual or stress exhaustion? I thought exercise was always a good thing? I have stopped weight lifting for now due to fatigue, but still run very hard for about 30 minutes twice a week. Is that OK?

So, what can I do to increase libido, decrease pain coming from my prostate/seminal vesicle area, and increase my sleep time? Is it OK to excercise hard? How long can recovery take?

Thanks Dr. Lin. You and your products are making a big difference in the world.
Dr. Lin: 7/09/2009>
Yes, It can also cause allergy and asthma by over-stimulating the master cells and promoting the liver enzyme aromatic amino acid decarboxylase action,  for excessive histidine-histamine conversion and prostaglandin D2 production. This problem results from the toxic (poisonous) effect of the antibiotics on the liver. Antibiotics kills virus, naturally damaging cells as well. You can not take it for a long term. The liver function is essential to the androgen hormone (DHEA, testosterone and DHT)  production.
A low androgen level causes neuroimmune disorders, easily to get infection. Bring your androgen hormones back to the normal to solve your problems. And  you will be no longer need antibiotics.

Yes, Our products improve sleeping by correcting the brain's DHEA, testosterone and DHT level, and by increasing the melatonin production after dark. If you can sleep about 6 hours every day, you will heal almost of your problems.

Yes. It is OK for ejaculating once a week. Old semen becomes neuroimmune toxin; accumulation of excessive sperms disables the testicular function to stop sperm and testosterone/DHT production simultaneously.

Yes. You will continue to mitigate inflammatory responses and release pains in couple more months.

Yes. They will heal your chronic prostatitis and pains.

Exercise is good, but the hard core exercise can shut down the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular (ovarian) function.  Intensive training can cause the interruption of the the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular (ovarian) function.  Don't run too fast or too long. Take a break and walk for a while.
Slow running at about 6 5-6 miles a hour is Ok.  You can mix run and walk for a hour every day.

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