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News updated:

Case Study:  Chronic over-masturbation and self sexual abuse since age 11 results in chronic prostatitis, burning tingling, weak erection, hair loss, ear ringing and penile bending for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/01/2009>I am suffering from chronic prostatitus.  Burning tingling, weak erections. I was sexually abused and became a chronic masturbator from age 11 on.  I began frequent masturbation again 4 years ago when I had a marital breakdown.  I have ringing ears, curvature to the left, gettting worse.  I now have stopped masturbating and use the aneros helix to massage the prostate(no ejaculation) about twice a week.  Have seen improvement.  I was also experiencing hair loss.  I was wondering what course of herbal supplements I need?  I have been reading the others but there aree so many different ones!  Also, what do you think of size genics penile extenders to straighten curvature?  I am not that interested in making mine larger, just straighter.  I am looking forward to your suggestions.  Thank you, and please dont use or show my name. 
Dr. Lin: 7/01/2009>

Your problems are the sexual exhaustion symptoms with chronic prostate abrasion by the poor-semen blasting on the ejaculation duct.
The sexual exhaustion symptoms are given in
Currently, you don't have much healing power to reverse this sexual exhaustion condition.
Chronic Over-masturbation/over-ejaculation/excessive-orgasm has exhausted your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis for excessive hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion , leading to constantly sympathetic nervous fight and flight (
psychological stress) with excessive norepinephrine induced prostaglandin E2 release, excessive prolactin release by dopamine deficiency,  body pains, and autoimmune disorder.  It has also castrated the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis by arterial constriction and inflammatory narrowness in your brain and pelvic organs (testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles, and penis) due to excessive release of prolactin, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, excessive binding of norepinephrine/epinephrine on the alpha-adrenergic receptors, excessive prostaglandin E2, and the post-sex deficiency of nitric oxide and prostaglandins E1/E3 production. As a result of arterial constriction and inflammatory narrowness,  your brain, testicles, penis,  feet and hands get low blood supplies and less androgen hormones and nuerochemicals, but more inflammatory hormone production and stress hormones.  And, it will take a long time for you to get recovery from sexual exhaustion and post-sex inflammation.  When your adrenal and testicular  function are disabled, you will have to rely on the skin neruoendocrine function to elevate your androgen hormones.  Please also note that prostaglandin E2 also inflame veins too .  When you get inflamed arteries and veins, your blood circulation won't reach the inflamed areas and you will experience pain, numbness or cramp.
Your penile erectile tissues are degenerating due to a lack of blood flow and androgen hormone. This is why your penis is shrinking. Some of the damaged erectile tissues gradually become scarred, leading to penile bending. The more you stretch the inelastic, damaged erectile tissues, the more collagen protein is released for more collagen scar development.
Chronic over-masturbation/over-ejaculation causes poor scalp blood circulation to chronically trap excessive DHT, prolactin, norepinephrine and epinephrine in the follicle cells for hair loss. In the prostate, the resulted poor blood circulation and accumulation of DHT, prolactin, norepinephrine and epinephrine trigger excessive prostaglandin E2 production in addition to the ejaculation-induced prostaglandin E2 and the semen prostaglandin E2 produced in the seminal vesicles.   Excessive stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine further promote  DHT attack on the follicles and the prostate cells.
They also causes the pineal gland to release less melatonin for sleeping disorders. Melatonin can exert a powerful protective effects on the prostate and hair follicles by downregulating the DHT receptor activities.  If sex gives your sleeping disorder or stresses your out, your prostate and hairs will be in deep trouble.
Ear ringing is an over-excitation of the hearing hair cells and their receiving circuits by prostaglandin E2, norepinephrine, epinephrine and/or glutamate. Excessive histamine release in the inner ears can also partially contribute to the problem.
The worst condition is the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 can potentiate the hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion mechanism, leading to an infinite mutual amplification loop between the prostaglandin E2 and the hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion.  You will have to break this loop if you want to restore your health.
yes, You will  need ViaPal-hGH-P(3-010), Pinealtonin (2-002) and ArgiNOx(1-018), plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal) , Vitamin D 1000 IU twice a day,  to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, promote your dopamine, cholinergic, serotonin and GABA nervous function,  reduce your stress and inflammatory hormone production, and  boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.
If you can not sleep well, take extra timed-release melatonin 3 mg with Pinealtonin before going to bed. You need a good sleep to heal your damaged nervous system, hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular axis.

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