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News updated:

Case Study:  Sexual experience in childhood leads to  life-term sexual addiction, sexual obsession, pornography abuse depression, guilt, low self esteem, difficulty to have a normal love relationship, drug addition, persistent sexual arousal and over-masturbation bad habits.  Psychological therapy is required.
Reader: 12/20/2008>hey dr lin i have something i need to talk to you about. i think my obsession with pornography and sex came from a few factors in my child hood. when i was about 5 or 6 my older cousin who was about 6 or 7 coerced me into having sex with her. at the time i had no idea what it was i didnt know what was going on. she tricked me into going into a tent with her. we had sex on multiple occasions maybe 3 or 4 times. i didnt know what i was doing. i've only told one other person this before but this was a secret i thought i would take to the grave and i thought wouldnt hurt me in the future. i also walked in on my parents a few times and immediately left the room, also stumbled in on my dad watchin porno when i was young. of course i was curious what it was. i also came across porno magazines. i started masterbating i guess around age 6 or 7 probably off and on. i didnt over masterbate till 14 yrs old where internet porn came into the picture and then even more masterbation when i combined internet porn with drugs at 16-17 untill about 20. i really regret it obviously. i wish my cousin wouldnt have done that to me. i believe that event triggered my addictions and sexual obsessiveness. she struggles with depression and alcoholism herself now, which i also believe comes from what happened when we were young. she probably didnt know exactly what she was doing but she know what was going on, i didnt. when i think about what happened it almost turns me on which is gross, because i know it isnt right, i'll sometime fantasize about her which is gross too then i feel ashamed and guilty like i shouldnt do that because its my cousin. i'd really like to do something about this but i dont know what to do. i'd like to talk to her about it and see if she remembers what happened, or what she thinks about it but i dont know how to bring it up or even if i should bring it up. i have some social issues and depression issues not major issues just lower self esteem than i should. i have trouble forming relationships with women but i try to. i sometimes think disgusting sexual thoughts which i think stems from the porno abuse. i actually stuck something in my anus because i was so addicted to porno that i had an enflamed prostate and had "wet bottom" and it felt nasty and never did that again. and i will get low self esteem and think, do girls even like me? naw they dont. i would like to talk to someone or figure out some sort of therapy for myself. the thing is no one has had hands on help with me with getting over my addictions i did it on my own. i beat or (am recovering) marijuana addiction, alcohol addiction, cigarette addiction, porno/masterbation/sexual addiction. i was just wondering what you would suggest, i cant live like this, it eats at me what happened now more than ever for some reason. i want to live my life. i feel like there is this wall in front of me that  cant get around jump over or get through, let me know what you think. i've never told anyone this stuff and i cant believe it old you but it feels good to get it off my chest. thank you
Dr. Lin: 12/20/2008> 
Yes, child sex causes seriously psychological disorders for boys and girls.
It results self-destructive behaviors on sex and drug abuses.
Both of you need professionally psychological therapies.
Confession can help you release your psychological stress and pressue, and correct your thought.
Both of you need it.
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