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Case Study:  He said ' Thank you for the year long recovery my body is undergoing since last years terrible drug/alcohol/over-ejaculating induced male menopause symptoms. I wanted to believe I was getting better all these months but indeed, it has been a slow process due to the severity of my condition. Thankfully, I am just about 90% cured with your products.'  decrease SHGB, prolactin, cortisol and estradiol for better sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/29/2008>
Dear Doctor,
Just an update on my condition. Thank you for the year long recovery my body is undergoing since last years terrible drug/alcohol/over-ejaculating induced male menopause symptoms. I wanted to believe I was getting better all these months but indeed, it has been a slow process due to the severity of my condition. Thankfully, I am just about 90% cured with your products. As I told you, I went to Dr. Shippen for counsel and he tested my levels:
Total Testosterone: 897 ng/dl
Free Testosterone: 150 pg/ml
Estradiol is high: 49 pg/ml
Prolactin: 5 ng/dl
Cortisol is very high: 23.1 mcg/dl
DHEA: 139 mcg/dl
SHBG is high: 42 nmol/l
Vitamin D3: 35 ng/ml
After taking his regiment of extra Avena Sativa, along with spriluna,chlorella,and kelp along with the ViaPal-P, they are now:
Total Testosterone: 866 ng/dl
Free Testosterone: 190 pg/ml
Estradiol is now lower: 32 pg/ml
Prolactin: 5 ng/dl
Cortisol came down: 16 mcg/dl
DHEA: 142 mcg/dl
SHBG is also lower: 31 nmol/l
Vitamin D3: 45 ng/ml
Everything feels good, my penis feels nice and spongy, good nightly erections, testicles look normal, sex drive is definitely much better. However, there is still something missing? My day erections still do not power/balloon up easily yet (spontaneous erections). I mean it is much better than 6 months ago and getting better I must say, but I must be patient and keep on your formulas to build up my Acetylcholine/Parasympathetic, Dopamine/Sympathetic, Serotonin and GABA systems. I think that is what still needs power. So I just ordered your ViaPal-D for help on erection power. Dr. Shippen says when my cortisol levels come down, I should get more erection power.
1) What is your opinion? What is the missing element to get me to 100%??
2) I think my Acetylcholine/Parasympathetic, Dopamine/Sympathetic, Serotonin and GABA systems are still weak. I like DopaFibra but I always get a little heart pain when I take it with the ViaPal-P because of my high cortisol. So thats why I changed to ViaPal-D, What do you think? What should I do Doctor?
3) Is my Estradiol, Cortisol and SHBG still too high?
4) What else can I do to enhance my Acetylcholine/Parasympathetic, Dopamine/Sympathetic, Serotonin and GABA systems? My erection is getting better but I want more power. I don't want to use ED drugs anymore 
I think my ejaculation frequency was still too high so I cut it down to only 1 a week and that has helped. Now, I will ejaculate only when I have spontaneous erection. I want to increase my spontaneous erection. I also am going for accupuncture and I think that is really helping me. Please help with any more suggestions. Thank you so much Doctor for your wisdom. I have just ordered the ViaPal-D. God Bless you. You are the master!!

Dr. Lin: 11/29/2008>1. Boy, your androgen hormonal level is like you are in puberty. You have more free testosterone which can be used for sex and turned into DHT to power your penis. It is important to free up your testosterone by lowering SHGB.
The missing element is that your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis id very easy to fire up your stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine when you are under job loads, physical or psychological  stress.  Cortisol is a ying-type stressor which is peak in the morning and normally drop during the day, reaching its trough upon the onset of sleepiness.  Your cortisol can be lower.
The average cortisol level is about 5 mcg/dl (range from 1 to 15)  upon waking up, reaches its peak at 10 mcg/dl (range from 4 to 22) about 1 hour after waking up, and drops down to 4 mcg/dl (range from 2 to 5 ) about 4 hours after waking up, 2.5 mcg/dl about 6 hours after waking up, 2.0 mcg/dl about 12 hours after waking up, and 0.0 mcg/dl about 17 hours after waking up.
A weak adrenocortex can easily elevate cortisol any time,  followed by yang-type stressors norepinephrine and epinephrine to constrict your blood flow to your penis and testicles when they act on the adrenergic alpha receptors.  To prevent this happen, you need extra MoodMax, Pinealtonin and ArgiNOx to reduce stress hormone production, block adrenergic alpha receptors, and  relax your arteries via Nitric Oxide and oxytocin nervous action.

2.  DopaFibra is not good for high stress persons.   You should mainly take ViaPal-hGH-E and ArgiNOx with 1/2 tablet of DopaFibra.
If you take ViaPal-hGH-D, you can take Fibra 1/2 dropper twice a day with ViaGrowth-IV, Pinealtonin and ArgiNOx.

3. Your SHGB is Ok. but your Estradiol and  Cortisol are in high side. Your estradiol should be below 29, but the less is the better

4. In addtion to ViaGrowth-IV,
MoodMax, Pinealtonin and ArgiNOx, take Extra DeToxiA or eat cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale every day.
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