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Case Study: He said ' First of all, thank you! I used to have a large overmasterbation problem but now thanks to your website I am well on the way to recovery.' all of the sexual exhaustions such as 'Stress/Mood Swings, Weak erections, Sleep Problems, Lack of control over desire to masturbate, Watery Seamen, Lack of enjoyable orgasm' All of which have gone! Just to note my erections started getting a lot better...'
Reader: 10/14/2008>Dear Dr. Lin,

First of all, thank you! I used to have a large overmasterbation problem but now thanks to your website I am well on the way to recovery.

After One Month of ViaGrowth-III + Ginseng 4X+ and another month of ViaGrowth-III + Moodmax (and two weeks of 3000mg of fish oil a day) I can safely say that I am nearly healed! Whenever I kiss a girl now I get a full hard, stirdy errection and when I go to bed I pretty much get a full errection 1 o'clock everynight that lasts for about 30 minutes without physical stimulation.

I used to have...
Stress/Mood Swings
Weak erections
Sleep Problems
Lack of control over desire to masturbate
Watery Seamen
Lack of enjoyable orgasm

All of which have gone! Just to note my erections started getting a lot better when I started taking the fish oil on top of ViaGrowth-III + Moodmax.

Last night I masterbated and my penis was so hard and when I ejaculated it felt so good and all the ejaculate was thick and creamy and there was a lot of it! This is what's left...

I still have seminal leakage. It's deffo cleared up, I remember before I started taking some of your products I could feel it leaking now it wasn't even erect, thankfully this is no longer a problem.
What's interesting about it is that whenever I get an errection at night (ie when I'm asleep in bed or even awake in bed thinking sexual thoughts and it gets hard, I check and there is no seminal leakage untill the errection goes down (and often its for a while after) However! When I am kissing a girl or even flirting with one on MSN and I get an errection my penis immediately starts leaking. For example I started talking to a girl today after I got the shower and after she made some suggestive comments I get a full errection and my penis started to leak straight away. Could this be because I ejaculated yesterday? Why is this? I find it really confusing. Also even though I get frequent errections I'd still like them to last longer but I'll put this down to being nearly healed. Also I'm fairly sure I still suffer from premature ejaculation as when I masterbated I was using a replica vagina and I had to take it quite slow and pull out every 10/20 strokes and repeat.

What is your advice? Please list what you would reccomend in full as you and your site has worked wonders for me

Dr. Lin: 10/14/2008>Prolonging erection or over-excitement induces excessive dopamine-norepinephrine conversion.
If your dopamine level starts to drop, you erection becomes weaker. If you can keep up your dopamine level, your norepinephrine and epinephrine will surge up.
If your excessive norepinephrine becomes epinephrine  and you sweat out some of both norepinephrine and epinephrine, you won't be overheated and can avoid precum leakage or premature ejaculation.
Norepinephrine is the neurohormonal fuel that triggers the neuro-immune reaction for the generation of pyrogenic cytokins and protein kinase for pro-inflammation and anti-inflammatory responses, where cytokines, acting as Immunotransmitters,  are small proteins secreted in response to an immune stimulus to mediate and regulate immunity, inflammation, and hematopoiesis.  The initially acute release of norepinephrine induced by sexual arousal is pro-inflammatory to bring you in the "heat" or "sexual rush" state with a surge of prostaglandin E2 production in the brain and then prostate, bulbourethral glands, urethra and penis.
Excessive prostaglandin E2 causes precum flooding and premature ejaculation.
You should take LoveLonger (3-008) to dry up your precum.
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