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Case Study:  She said 'I have solved my excessive levels of cortisol, as well as my electromagnetic sensitivities!!' with a DC electromagnetic field ground bedroom
Reader: 6/12/2008>
Dr. Lin
I have solved my excessive levels of cortisol, as well as my electromagnetic sensitivities!!
The attached document provided information for my husband to create a grounding plane for my bed.  He used metal roof flashing, connected to the surface of the earth with copper wire, through the floor of our mobile home.
Please read the attached document.  My electromagnetic sensitivities were extinguished in 1 week.

Dr. Lin: 6/12/2008>

That is a wonderful experiment!
The negative DC field is the healing power of the body electric, and the AC is destructive, as described in
Luigi Galvani, Professor at University of Bologna, discovered "Animal Electricity" in 1794;
Emil Du Bois-Reymond (1840)/Julius Bernstein(1868), University of Berlin, have discovered that the action electric potential in the nerve is generated once a disturbance in the ionic properties of the nerve membrance is presented. 
Iwao Yasuda, a Japanese orthopedist, showed piezoelectricity (negative DC) in bone in 1954, which was confirmed by Eiichi Fukada, a physicist in 1957.
Robert O. Becker (1972?) clarified that the negative DC potential is the healing power of bone regeneration and he applied this idea to recover a soldier's legs wound in the Vietnam War.
Newman K. Lin, myself found that the symphysis pubis bone has been very useful for the control of sexual stimulation, power-up (expansion) of the penis, delay of ejaculation, acceleration of the female orgasm and sexual response in 1976, developed Sexual Chikong Intercourse associated with the piezoelectric generation of this bone for intercourse, and found that the negative DC potential produced by Pressure or Vacuum-Cupping Massages is the healing power of all the chronic problems which are incurable by the conventional medicine and acupuncture, in 1993.
I will post the scientific facts and theory on the benefit and healing power of massage and Sexual ChiKong Intercourse in the production of healing electric potential, based upon the Body Electric principle to share with you. The theory is based upon the piezoelectric and Direct-Current (DC) rectifying characteristics of our bone/marrow, exactly the same as that of the hydrophone transceiver used in the underwater communication.
You will understand why I ask you to massage the penis/clitoris bases and the pubic bone area to wet the vagina or to power up the penis and why my 3-point excitation position and the love action can make the couple gain more sexual energy through intercourse to produce eruptively multiple, sexual orgasms. The symphysis pubic bone under pressure massage and love action (swing motion) acts as a local DC power generator which directly charges sex organs and the Conception/Kidney/Liver Vessels of the Acupuncture Network.
Why my sexual technologies are so special? Lovemaking produces Piezoelectricity - the healing power, not only multiple, sexual orgasms! Turn your lovemaking into the generation of your hidden healing energy for life-term orgasm.

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