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Case Study:  Excessive dopamine-norepinephrine/epinephrine conversion, resulting from parasympathetic/vagal, GABA and serotonin nervous control disorder, induces organ inflammation, brain fog, depression, autoimmune disorder, chronic infection,  inflammatory pain, digestive disorder and panic responses, low libido, premature ejaculation, adrenal fatigue and lyme disease. 
Reader: 6/12/2008>Hello

Well, I would like to know your thoughts on my tricky health issues. It has 4 years now of issues of liver phase 2 pathway. (giblerts syndrome)  then brain fog, depression 6 months after epstein barr, oral thrush, candida, herpes, digestion issues, adrenal fatigue, heavy metals, fight or flight a lot. blood shows mycoplasma at possible core at keeing me down and maybe lyme disease issues.

 i am trying to treat it without months of antibiotic use which i will not do! it has  been quite tuff for me figure out what to do, let alone my sexual appetite is somehow still there but not much. i eat very well, and work on my energy work. i just know "chi" and just my energy and mineral levels and dealing with chronic infections in the body. it's like i can go for week or two with very little sexual desire and just feel blah. i at times feel urge to masterbrate at night just desire to watch porn to release stress. i have jerked off every day at times for weeks straight. 
 i have not had gf in 2 years with being ill and i am just feeling depressed, brain fog, ill a lot so its tuff. i just starting to support my adrenals with standard process glandulars. this should help with my racy/nervous constitution within illness. i got night time panic attacks once every 2 months, i feel "wired" for a few days after. just have to take calming minerals and mag to calm down. still not sure if its parasite die off or the mycoplasmas then messing with my adrenal, thryoid, hypothamlus glands. 

i see you support arginine in alot of your products. but arginine feeds mycoplasmas and even supports herpes 1 and 2. i am dealing with herpes in this as well. so its like i dont know what to do about taking your advice with supplements. also alot of yombimbe etc can speed my adrenaline and sensitive nervous system up! i mean i have supported with extra lysine and alages, but that still is just band-aid type way. zapping with frequencies has helped a lot and doing MMS protocol. but i want to have my sexual power and bigger erections  and just my sexual fire back. but doing a lot of sexual formulas seem to have things in them speed nervous system up and feed viral loads like herpes, etc.  so any real solid advice about that issue would be great! 

i want your advice about first your mood balance if its good for me, and 5htp for help. i seem to have avoid the neurotransmitters of tinkering without real supervision,because i dont want to mess up that balance already. i feel like my serontonin levels are low, i have insomnia type feels. so i am sure melitonin is not there, and then seritonin and dopamine levels are off. i used to feel less social nervousness and more "grounded" when i smoked ciggerettes in the past. 

sorry i had a lot to say! ha. if you can give me solid advice in the immune issues i have and working my sexual vigor and power up and having it balanced so i dont feel racy, nervous and just not grounded. your site is amazing! 

Dr. Lin: 6/12/2008>Your brain, liver and other internal organs are inflamed by excessive norepinephrine induced inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2.
Prostaglandin E2 suppresses your neuroimmune.
Excessive dopamine-norepinephrine  conversion and its induced prostaglandin E2 have burned your neurons in the hypothalamus, hippocampus, pituitary and adrenal glands for autoimmune disorders and caused neuroplasticity (nervous/brain rewiring)  for addiction when the serotonin and GABA nervous control function are destroyed (remodeled) by chronic sex or drug abuse.  With the serotonin and GABA nervous control, the noradrenergic (norepinephrine) nervous system constantly fire up the sympathetic nervous Fight and/or  Flight responses.  Epinephrine, the norepinephrine metabolite, sensitizes, intensifies and  enhances the sympathetic nervous action. Panic attacks and anxiety are sympathetic Fight responses. Mood swing or bipolar are the sympathetic nervous Flight responses.

Since the norepinephine and epinephrine activate proinflammatory cytokines via the alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors of the immune cells, you need a low dose of yohimbe to block the alpha-adrenergic receptors. A high dose of yohimbe will force excessive  norepinephrine and epinephrine to act on the beta-adrenergic receptors to induce a transient sympathetic-nervous cardiovascular response when your parasympathetic/vagal, serotonin and GABA nervous function are too weak to modulate the sympathetic nervous responses. However, if you use beta blocker or Ca Channel blocker to block the beta-adrenergic receptors, you will become impotence.  A only solution for this problems is to activate the anti-inflammatory cytokines via the parasympathetic/vagal, serotonin and GABA nervous function. That is how ViaPal-hGH-E, ViaPal-hGH-M and ViaPal-hGH-N does.
By the way, you also need some L-arginine to improve the nitric oxide production. A low dose of L-arginine, less than 200 mg a day, won't activates herpes virus.
The activation of herpes virus also requires norepinephrine, epinephrine, histamine,  and prostaglandin E2. In our products, only ArgNOx contains L-arginine more than 200 mg. Therefore, we advise our customers not to take ArgiNOx if they have herpes concerns. ViaPal-hGH-E and ViaPal-hGH-M contains less than 200 mg L-arginine in a full dose, 2 pills from each bottle a day.
You need a long-term nervous/liver detoxification and rejuvenation with ViaPal-hGH-E(3-011) and  DeToxiA (1-017) plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal)  which help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function, stabilize your serotonin and GABA nervous function, and  boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing .
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