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Case Study:  He said 'I have been taking a low dose viapal-hgh-J, ArgiNOx 2 times a day, 5-HTP 3 times a day, fish oil 3 times a day, detoxia, and vinopcentine 3 times a day. I have been taking this consistently for almost 2 weeks now. I have been feeling a lot better from my sexual exhaustion symptoms from penile exercises. I have been getting more frequent erections, and morning erections are becoming regular.'
Reader: 5/26/2008>I have been taking a low dose viapal-hgh-J, ArgiNOx 2 times a day, 5-HTP 3 times a day, fish oil 3 times a day, detoxia, and vinopcentine 3 times a day. I have been taking this consistently for almost 2 weeks now. I have been feeling a lot better from my sexual exhaustion symptoms from penile exercises. I have been getting more frequent erections, and morning erections are becoming regular. I have a few questions regarding my progress so far. 

1)I have abstained from ejaculation for about 5 days now. Currently I'm feeling real discomfort in my penis and testicles, prostate area, pelvis, and even down my inner thighs. My testicles are so sensitive that touching them is almost unbearable. What is happening? 

2)I'm currently not circumcised, but I am able to pull back my foreskin so that my penis does look circumcised. This tends to engorge my glans when I get erections and in the flacid state. I do this before I go to bed usually and during most of the day. I've noticed by doing this, my penis tends to feel more spongy and looks fuller in the flacid state. I've also noticed that when I wake up in the morning, my penis is so hard and thick like I've never seen. It almost looks and feels like my penis ballooned itself during the night. I was wondering if this practice will help my healing and if there are any negative effects that would effect my ejaculation control and such?

3)I've completely stopped my porn and masturbation habit. I feel so much better because of it and I credit your products for it. I feel a lot better when I hold back my ejaculation. I like how holding back my ejaculation makes me feel more energetic and focused and how I'm able to get more erections during the night and day. I would like to hold my ejaculation back for as long as I can, but I don't know if this is healthy for me. 

4)I started thinking about when I was in my pre-teens how I would get frequent erections but I wouldn't masturbate or ejaculate. I would never have wet dreams and I remember not ejaculating for probably over a couple years until I discovered it. How was it that I was able to hold my ejaculation back for so long and experience side effects? Also, I know you recommend ejaculating at least every 7 days, but I was wondering if I did what I did in my pre-teens if I would experience a faster recovery and penis growth? 

Also, during my pre-teen years before I discovered masturbation and ejaculation, I was very smart and at the top of my class. Whenever it came to school work, I would be so focused and never get distracted by anything. As I began masturbating, ejaculating and looking at sexual images, I found myself more and more losing my concentration and feeling a lack of interest in my studies. I would feel the urge to masturbate and ejaculate during studying. I couldn't concentrate until I ejaculated, and I would usually do this every morning and night. It pretty much became routine for me. I never stopped ejaculating for more than 2 days. I felt this was more evident each passing year since my age of 14 or so. When I was 18 is when I damaged my penis from penile exercises and experienced even more loss of focus and concentration. Since taking your products I feel these symptoms have gotten better. I was wondering if my masturbation, ejaculation practices are the root of my problems along with the penis exercise damage?

Thank you for your time.
Dr. Lin: 5/26/2008>
1) It means your seminal vesicles are very full, full enough to exert a pressure against the adjacent organs, tissues and nerves and induce inflammatory responses and your testosterone level is at its peak.
You will have a wet dream if you don't ejaculate.
It is normal for a young man to experience the side effects of a long-term semen retention.

2) I don't see any negative side effects at all.
You get your glans stimulated by pulling the foreskin back.

3) Yes, but you still have to ejaculate once a while to release the internal pressure from the fullness of your seminal vesicles.

4) well, this is a different story from your pre-teen.
When you get older, you will be easy to be stressed out. Once the stress hormone norepinephrine level shoots up, norepinephrine triggers neuro-immune responses by activating proinflammatory cytokines in the hypothalamus and all sympathetic nervous alpha- and beta-adrenergic recetptors for inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 release which set your brain, testicles, penis, prostate and seminal vesicles on fire for inflammatory pains, ejaculation urgency and nervous hyper-sensitization. Of course, this would not happen if you produce no enough semen for self-absorption by your body or if your seminal vesicles have never become full during your pre-teen. Therefore, having a sexual urgency or a wet dream every several days is normal and healthy.
Once you started to masturbation, you added orgasm-induced norepinephrine into your bloodstream and also the orgasm pleasure gives you nervous plasticity. Therefore, you can not get rid of ejaculation urgency once you experience any psychological stresses in your daily life. This leads to sexual addiction.
If you can not beat it, you must be able to control it.
Ejaculation or orgasm depletes neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA, but increases norepinephrine and epinephrine which can overheat your brain in the post-ejaculation or post-orgasm state.
It is good to burn dopamine out when it is too high. Burning out the rest of them such as acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA will result in memory loss and less concentration.  
Excessive ejaculation will enhance tissue and nervous damage when you do heavy-duty exercises. Penile enlargement exercises can damage the penis under sexual exhaustion conditions.

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