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News updated:

Case Study:  Chronic over-masturbation since age 11-12 resulted in penile vriscose veins, spider veins, penile downward deformation with scarring tissues, testicular shrinkage, insufficient semen production, back pain, fatigue, depression, over-reacting bladder, prostate inflammation, urination disorders, precum and semen leakage, erectile dysfunction for no more sexual orgasm at age 17.
Reader: 5/10/2008>Hello Dr. Lin, please take the time to read my email I know your very busy.

I wanted to email you to discuss my latest symptoms, I was testing to see if my body can actually heal itself from the damage I have brought to myself. I realized theres really no way...it can recover itself.

so far it has been at least 8-9 years since Ive been masturbating 
(age of 11-12) I do not remember when I started seeing the symptoms.

these are my symptoms now:

- varicose veins and spider veins (there are red/purplish arteries around my penis and scrotnum)

- curvature, scartissue slightly pointing the penis to the left and down when errect, also white spots are around that area.

- I believe there is a slight testicle shrinkage, less seaman.

- back pains, tiredness sometimes, and fatigue. alittle Stress and depression from my damage.

- I believe there is nervous damage, such as in the prostate area. after peeing I feel that the baldder isnt empty....drips when I move or sit.

- precum, bulbrethral gland secretes alot of precum sometimes when its erect for quite a while (1 hour - 30 minutes).

- erectile dysfunction- when I get errect thinking of someone, I sometimes shake alot, have a shortness of breathe, nails turn violet, it gets cold, also after being erect for awhile I feel pains on the testicles and penis if it erects again. I believe the endocrine system is struggling and cant really heal from this damage. I sometimes feel slow when I think. The nerotransmitters, and astylcholine I believe is low and not functioning well in the brain. I do not feel as much pleasure as I use to feel before.

- when the penis is flacid, there is slightly hard points when I press with my fingers.

- skin sometimes becomes oily and peels. Iam not to sure if it is part of these symptoms.

what I did to fix some of my problems was:

- set my ejaculation frequency to 1 or sometimes 2 times a week.

- I usually leave a limit to 2-3 days of rest before ejaculating again.

- my erection is back to normal but it cannot stay up long enough and certainly cannot balloon.

- I completely stopped watching porn, its been 1 year now. I lost care for it.

- sometimes when I erect my penis, I pull gently the hair under my prostate area, to let the blood flow. (the area under the testes)

I would like to ask you Dr. Lin, from these symptoms I want to know what is, what is causing this, you can send me other cases, I want to understand more.

most importantly, what could I take, Iam turning 18 in june 22nd. what products could I take and what could I do from now to 21. and please tell me what shouldnt I do.

also will my prostate return to normal? bulbrethral gland too?

will any of the vein and spider vein damgage (the red and purple veins) be resolved?

will the scar tissue on my penis and white spots be cured so that my penis can be straight and curved upward, as I seen from your ballooning technique?

what should my frequency be from now on? and how many days should I keep between each ejaculation?

and lastly after a long term treatment, will my penis be able to function as it normally can with the damage healed or slightly healed?

Please reply as soon as you can, Thank you for your time. Forgive me wasting your time with such a long email, its been difficult for me for a long time. I just hope that I can surcome this suffering.
Dr. Lin: 5/11/2008>  Testicular shrinkage indicates your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular axis are too exhausted.  The testicular arteries are shrinking. There is a lack of blood flow to supply nutrients to your testicles for androgen hormone productions. That is, your healing power is very weak. It seems you just consider the mechanical damage of your penis, but ignore the self-destruction of sex-induced stress.  

also will my prostate return to normal? bulbrethral gland too? 

Maybe, about 50% chance, depends on the degrees of exhaustion (stress) in your liver and hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and the serotonin/GABA/endorphrin nervous modulation and control. 

will any of the vein and spider vein damgage (the red and purple veins) be resolved? 

Maybe, you have about 30% chance to recover. You also have to increase prostaglandind E1 and E3 level in the damaged veins. 

will the scar tissue on my penis and white spots be cured so that my penis can be straight and curved upward, as I seen from your ballooning technique? 

Maybe, you have about 70% chance to recover, but will take about 6-12 months to soften the scar tissues for improvement of your erection angle. You also have to increase prostaglandind E1 and E3 level in the damaged tissues.

what should my frequency be from now on? and how many days should I keep between each ejaculation? You can ejaculate once every 2 days. 

and lastly after a long term treatment, will my penis be able to function as it normally can with the damage healed or slightly healed? 

likely to get better with about 80% chance.

 Beside your penile and prostate damage, the most serious problems resulted from the liver and  brain damage,  the exhaustion of your stress responsive axis - the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, and the sex-stress-induced inflammatory responses.
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Chronically Over-masturbating 3-4 times a day since 13 results in severe depression, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and semen production disorder for no more sexual orgasm
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