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Case Study:  He said ' I have been doing the anal contraction during intercourse, and also expanding my abdomen to withhold ejaculation. It works very well. .. I find that doing this I can have sex for 45 minutes and drive her wild with orgasms.'  on sexual energy and neurochemical exchange during the penile-vagina intercourse

Reader: 2/26/2008>

Hi Dr Lin,

1) I would like to know, does wearing condom during sex stops energy exchange between her vagina and my penis? You said I can absorb her yin with Anal Breathing during intercourse? I have used anal breathing just to avoid ejaculation, but I never think about absorbing yin from her.

2)Thanks to you, I have been doing the anal contraction during intercourse, and also expanding my abdomen to withhold ejaculation. It works very well. I usually stop and relax a bit just when I start to feel too excited(almost crossing the line of ejacuation). Usually I stop about 1 minute before I feel ejaculation is coming. Then I would do anal contraction and breathing. Is this method correct?
I find that doing this I can have sex for 45 minutes and drive her wild with orgasms.

3)I have sometimes abstained from ejaculation for up to 1 month. On days when I had retention sex, I feel powerful and strong. But if I masturbate and retain too much, I find that I sometimes drain my chi too much and get fatigue. But usually retention sex makes me feel more energized afterwards. If I dont get enough sleep during this period, I feel heaty and sometimes my voice is weak, and just need to sleep. If I ejaculate, I feel relaxed, slightly fatigued but my energy starts to flow after that.

However I have read that you said men should ejaculate every 7 days. Is that true? Why?

4)I find that if I do retention at least 2 weeks, although I feel heaty sometimes, but I feel overall better and happier with more energy. Sex moves my energy. So does massaging my kidney point on the sole of my feet.  Ejaculation makes me feel depressed. Should I maybe only ejaculate once a month or once every 2 months? I mean I do feel better. 

5) In my younger days (12 - 25 years old) I have masturbated too much, almost once every day. I was skinny and weak and didn't have much confidence. BUt after I lessen my ejaculation frequency to maybe once or twice a week, I felt more energy. I learned how to do retention sex from Stephen Chang, Mantak Chia, and your website. If I'm having sex, I will use your method of anal contraction. If I am masturbating I would use 3 finger lock. Is it ok?

6)If I do retention sex and only ejaculate once every 2 weeks, I find that i have more energy and my body muscles become stronger and bigger. I'm not skinny anymore, but very well built now with more chi. Does chi have anything to do with muscles?

7) I find that looking too much at computer screen especially late at night, makes my liver and lungs(?)and eyes feel very heaty the next day. I would feel depressed, tired, low, and keep sneezing. How can I stop that, any remedies or herbs?

Dr. Lin: 2/26/2008>
1) Yes, Condom blocks the electric circuit between the penis and vagina/cervix. It also blocks the neurochemical/hormonal exchange between the vaginal/cervix/uterine secretion and the penis/prostate's. With a condom, the neurochemical/hormonal exchange will reach the cerebrospinal fluid immediately. For example, prostaglandin E2, histamine, and glutamate in the vaginal secretion or semen can excite the lovemaking couple to achieve orgasm very quickly, good for women but not good for men. Semen's endorphin or GABA can elevate the female cerebrospinal fluid's concentration in few minutes after ejaculating into the vagina and then shut down the female sexual receptivity for no more sex again. The positive value of using a Condom is to reduce the infection of STD, herpes, HIV virus or HPV virus, in addition to prevention of unwanted pregnancy. If you are married or have a, trustful, long-term partner, you can minimize the use of condom with the Natural Birth Control method by clocking her ovulation date that is about the 14th day after her last period onset for a 28-29 day menstruation cycle. The pregnancy risk window is within 3 or 4 days before and after the ovulation date. spermicidal gel or cream should be used with a condom during the pregnancy risk window. If you don't have precum release and ejaculation urgency during vaginal intercourse, you can use spermicidal gel or cream for the initial stage of a lovemaking. When you feel precum start release or want to ejaculate, you can put on a condom. In this way, you can reduce the electric blockage of a condom. 
2)Is this method correct?
Yes, that is correct!
3)I have read that you said men should ejaculate every 7 days. Is that true? Why? Yes, since your testosterone and DHT will reach their peak in about 5-7 days for a healthy men and then drops down again. Ejaculation can unlock the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis to prevent the testosterone level from dropping back. A high testosterone level in the brain will excite the dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine and glutamate for sex and energy, while the excessively accumulated semen, prostaglandin E2, its 19-hydroxy-prostaglandin E-2 can can induce nervous pains in the pelvic, perineum, prostate, seminal vesicles and testicles for ejaculation urgency and precum leakage, and even premature ejaculation during sexual encounter. If your pelvic, perineum, prostate, seminal vesicles and testicles produce or have sufficient prostaglandin E1, GABA, endorphin, serotonin and agmatine, you won't have ejaculation urgency and don't have to ejaculate However, if you are exposed to toxins from drugs, paints, chemical or pesticide or cigarettes or pot smokes, your semen will contain a high level of toxins for prostate problems and you will have to ejaculate very often to clean your prostate up.
 4) Should I maybe only ejaculate once a month or once every 2 months? Yes, you should ejaculate once a month since your hypothalamus-pituitary is not over-excited by a long-term abstaining.
5) If I am masturbating I would use 3 finger lock. Is it ok?
Ok to use the 3 finger lock if you don't feel prostate pain after ejaculation.
6) Does chi have anything to do with muscles? 
actually, testosterone and DHT bluid your muscles.
7) How can I stop that, any remedies or herbs?
PinealTonin, Fish Oil and 1 hour walk can solve your problems.
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