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News updated:

Case Study:  Masturbating over 20,000 times between age 12 and 48, resulted less libido at age 16, premature ejaculation in 10 seconds at age 19, impotence, peeing semen, prostate pain, prostatitis, yeast and candida for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 2/08/2008> Dr. Lin
Here's my story.  I am in my late 40's. Reached puberty very early at 12. Had my first climax and have not stopped since then, probably masturbated 20,000 times.  My method was to lay face down and press my fingers into the shaft and then try to "stop" the ejacualation.  By 16, libido was greatly reduced. Lost virginity at 19, lasted perhaps 10 seconds.
sexual sensation: before--brain chemical/feel good sensation/increased heart beat and respiration. Now-no other pleasure in any area except penis, not even sure if that feels good. Impossible to get erection unless contact with penis and even then, the ejaculatory repsonse comes right away before fully erect. It's like I have trained my prostate to "pee" semen, the prostate feels like it's being tickled, like trying to not sneeze.  None of the other body responses is now present.  During ejaculation when fantasizing, I have to "switch partners" many times in order to keep even the slightest arousal in brain.  When I see an attractive woman walking down the street, instead of feeling my brain sending signals to my groin, instead I feel the urge to contract the perineum (Kegel) and touch myself. The act of kissing, which used to send shock waves through my system, does nothing to start the arousal process.
One or two times annually, late at night, there is a dull feeling in the prostate. The pain builds until it is unbearable.  I have a "magnetic chi Belt" which brings relief in a matter of minutes.
I had prostatitis in my early 20's, which subsided with the conversion to a plant-based diet.
I tried abstinence for about a month, it did not re-charge my batteries, only resulted in a weak erection after thirty seconds of stimulation with the urge to ejaculate.
During masturbation, pre-semen will ooze out as well as a watery fluid in the anal area.

Yeast/candida resulting in scabs and lesions in near tailbone.

All other symptoms as described in your other cases histories are present: brain fog, lack of motivation, complete exhaustion after ejaculation accompanied by depression and a lack of will, panic attacks.

1. Am I beyond help, is it all over.  
2.  Besides the nutrients, would it be also possible to rebuild through certain exercises, hypnosis or guided imagery.
3.  What is the purpose besides the herbs, of the vitamins in your formula.

Looking forward to your reply

Dr. Lin: 2/09/2008>

1. Am I beyond help, is it all over.

I don't know how bad your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal, -thyroid and
testicular axis have been damaged.

However, with ejaculating 20,000 times since age 12, your sex age is about 70
You need a blood, salivary or urine analysis for epinephrine, norepinephrine,
dopamine, serotonin, GABA, histamine, PEA, glutamate,agmatine, DOPAC
5-HIAA, DHEA, cortisol, estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, testosterone,
dihydrotestosterone (DHT), prolactin, LH, FSH, T3, T4 and TSH.

2. Besides the nutrients, would it be also possible to rebuild through certain exercises, hypnosis or guided imagery.

I doubt, but you can try the natural methods for 1-2 years.
As I know, most of 70 years old men can ejaculate only once every 7-10 days. There is no method to turn the biological clock back, unless 
the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal, -thyroid and testicular axis work properly. 

3. What is the purpose besides the herbs, of the vitamins in your formula.

The vitamins in our products are co-enzymes to work with liver enzymes for hormonal and neurotransmitter synthesis in the nervous terminals, hypothalamus, pituitary, liver, adrenal glands, thyroid glands and testicles.

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