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News updated:

Case Study:  Penetration of a penis into a prolapsed, titled cervix/uterus can induce cervical/uterine cramp for the "tie" phenomenon similar to that in dog mating- her real experience of the tie with her titled uterus.
Reader: 01/31/2008>this is going to sound really funny but i want to to why it is happening my boyfriend and i have sex least 4 nights a week but the last two times we have had sex my uterus will contract and close on the head of his penis and then he cant pull out its like we are stuck together until i either climax again or we wait until it releases on its own why is this happening or what is really going on.
Dr. Lin: 01/31/2008>I just wonder his penis might penetrate inside your uterus to induce the "dog tie", the uterine/cervix cramping contraction that locks up the glans penis.
When the penis penetrates through the cervix into the uterus, the cervical nerves become panic to constrict the cervical orifice and then lock up the glans penis.
This happens when the cervic office is aligned with the vagina canal.
The female dog's cervix office and vaginal canal are axially aligned to allow a long dog penis to get into the uterus, so that the sperms won't be washed away during urination since the vagina and urethra share the same outlet duct, about 1-2 inches long, as shown in
I explained the dog tie in
Generally, the human cervix office axis will have an angle of about 45 degrees with the vaginal axis to pevent the penetration of a penis into the the tight cervix office, as shown in
A prolapsed, tipped cervix and uterus are likely to allow the penis to get into the cervix and uterus. In some prolapsed and tipped cases, you can see or touch the cervix office with your fnger. In some severe cases, the cervix office drops down to at the vaginal office, as shown in
A, non-prolapsed, titled cervix/uterus generally requires a long penis, about 6-8 inches, to penetrated the cervix, depending on the length of the vaginal canal.
However, a prolapsed, titled cervix can be reached with a 5-7 inch penis.

When I was a kid, I heard the "tie" story. A man could not pull out his penis from his wife's vagina. It seems his penis was tightly griped and locked up by her cervix

Reader: 2/01/2008>
I do have titled cervix, but this has never happen to me before when i had sex with partners in the past. and it just started with him. Now since he is going into my cervix and he does cum while he is in that area do i have a greater chance of getting pregnant because i have had a clamp tubal about 8 years ago and i know some people have stated they have gotten pregnant after 5 or 6 years of having the clamp tubal done. so should i be concerned about getting pregnant since he is cuming so far inside me.

thank you 
Dr. Lin: 2/01/2008>
I think, your previous partners didn't have a long, hard penis to penetrate though the tight, tiny cervic office into your uterus to produce the "tie" effect.
A weakly erecting penis can not penetrate the tight, tiny cervix office and will be deflected away by the cervix; Of course, it won't give women an orgasm either.
You have to see your doctor to check if your clamped tubes become loosened. 
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