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Case Study:  The destructive testing results of over-masturbation from a 17-yearo-old boy - sexual exhaustion symptoms for no more life and sexual orgasm, including body pains, arthritis, testicular pain, penile pain, prostate pain, back pain, face pain, gum pain, incontinence,  tinnitus (excessive glutamate and inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2), headaches, fatigue, anxiety, nightmare, chilliness and shivering attacks, hot flashing/fever (premature male menopause), cracking joints, fibromyalgia, impotence, Restless Leg Syndromes (pre-parkinson's disease) and so on. why all his doctors could not use high-tech medical toys to detect the problems? well, a low-tech pee (urine) analysis can do.
Reader: 01/29/2008>Hello Dr. Lin.
I am Jxxx and I am almost 17 teen years old.
I come from Gxxxx, sorry for mistakes in the English language.
I have multiple symptoms since 8 months, here are the most important ones: 
It started with pain in the arms and fingers. first we thought it came from guitar playing. therapy didn't work. Painkillers didn't work at all too. I had also back pain now (in the neck and sometimes lower back pain) and pain when touching my ribs. then prostate pain (my Doctors didn't know what was going on all the time) and pain in my testicles and my penis, also in my legs and my foot. there have always been more pain in my left body half. brutal back pain (lower back), wasn't able to sit for months (the prostate pain killed me while sitting too...). I had no erection in the morning anymore. headache, overreaching or increased (don't know the term) reflexes in the legs...(i guess Restless Leg syndrome from lack of dopamine) convulsions in my muscles, pain in the face-nerves: teeth, ears, sometimes tinnitus, also: fatigue, anxiety (more and more), bad nightmares, feeling cold, shivering attacks, sometimes fever(38.5C) only for 2 hours. During Christmas i had such problems with walking. there were cracking sounds in my joints... I have also atrophy of the skin. the pains were wandering (never at all locations in one moment). Neurologicists found nothing, scanned my back and my brain with MRT, did a Lumbalpunktin (LP), many blood tests: - nothing. they said it was psychosomatic, the urologists hadn't found anything too. then we had the suspicion of a not found neuro-borreliosis and i am taking Antibiotics because of that suspicion, but they found nothing... my parents believe its borreliosis or fibromyalgia.

In my country we kids are told masturbation is save and u can do it all day long without any sight effects. i believed it until i found your website.
1. why do they tell us this if it is not the truth? if u know, why is it not published and accepted in the medical world?

I masturbated (thought it was quite normal) since i became 12 or so... Finally every day, often to pornographic pictures. Sometimes had the urge to pee after ejaculation and then pain in the head of my penis but not much urine came.... it was always gone after ca. 40 minutes and not that often (once in several weeks). I googled it, a lot of other guys had the same problem, and they said, it would be quite normal, no reason for worry. some guys had it there hole life sometimes.

Since all this problems, due to the last year i do not masturbate so often anymore. only 2 times a week or so. and now i wont masturbate never again.

I am not a very tall person. 1.80 meter tall. 64 kg weight. small fingers... small penis(7cm/13.5cm).
2. is that length of my body/penis so small because of a lack of growth-hormones/ a lack of testosterone cause of masturbating?
3. can that be fixed until my 21 birthday (will i grow to my genetic given size?) or did i make myself a dwarf and its too late?
4. is sexual exhaustion fixable at all or will i suffer to the end of my life
(i am scared to death an so depressive)?
5. what kind of blood/hormone test can prove beyond doubt that i am suffering from over masturbation? can u please tell me details of the tests, so i can arrange it?
6. Are u shipping to Gxxxx?
7. Are there any sight effects of your products like serotonin-syndrome?
8. what can i do now besides taking b-vitamin-complex with folic acid, zinc + histidine + JOD  (i have a latently hypothyroidism)?
9. shall i go to Chinese homeopaths in Gxxxx, will they accept your theory?
can the fibromyalgia be fixed be akkupunktion?
10. How to get my parents involved/known of this hole overmasturbation-thing?
11. there are people out there who masturbate more than me and more years, why are they not ill?
12. do you thing a lot of reason-not-known CFS/fibromyalgia patients are victims of overmasturbating?

please answer
best greetings
Dr. Lin: 01/30/2008>It is glad to hear your destructive testing result on over-masturbation, but unfortunately there is about 20% of the nervous destruction is irreversible (incureable) and permanent, although I should not hear the over-masturbation horrible stories again and again. Soon or later, your friends will follow your footsteps. Let's see their destructive testing results again. Thank you for your great sacrifice of health and life to prove my sexual exhaustion theory.
When the resulted excessive cortisol, prolactin, glutamate, prostaglandin E2, and histamine, induced by excessive sex, become excitory nervous toxins, in addition to the deamination toxins, such as DOPAC, DOPEGAL and 5-HIAA, from dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine and serotonin due the over-expression of the MAO (monoamine oxidase) genes excited by dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, prostaglandin E2 and glutamine during chronic sexual arousal and orgasm, you will get sexual exhaustion symptoms. Your doctors could not use high-tech medical toys to detect (see) your sexual exhaustion symptoms, but a low-tech pee (urine) analysis can do. No matter how good you are, excessive sex will get you soon or later. Our business grow with the masturbation or orgasm frequency. We can not stop the destructively sexual behaviors, but we can profit from them. Older men are usually more aware of the sexual exhaustion problems since the androgen hormones are lower.
The massive destruction of the dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, and GABA nervous systems and the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid, -adrenal and testicular axis produce your sexual exhaustion symptoms, as listed in
We discourage the over-masturbation or over-ejaculation practice due to the permanent destructive nature of excessive orgasm with addiction or persistent sexual arousal induced the excessive prostate and seminal vesicles' prostaglandin E2 as given in
How to kick the pornography addiction: Reduction of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 production, Excessive epinephrine and norepinephrine induces inflammatory responses, persistent sexual arousal, and brain/nervous excitotocixity, and enhancement of the serotonin and GABA nervous modulation and control
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case15570.htm 

The oriental cultures consider sex is a drug, but for the western, sex is recreational for pleasure.
If the western medical societies consider sex is a recreational drug, like amphetamine cocaine, or ecstasy, they would have documented the sex-induced stress, excitotoxicity and nervous destruction, as described in
Excessive sex or/and drug abuse result in multiple, sexual exhaustion symptoms which become UFO for western doctors and medical societies, although the Chinese Sex Bible and medicine documented them 5000 years ago.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case15448.htm 
The traditional Taoists and Chinese medical book had documented them for longer than 5000 years. First, they taught the destructive nature of excessive sex and itemized the possible sexual exhaustion symptoms. The old Taoism teaching also said: you can not stop having sex, but you can (have to) regulate your ejaculation frequency to improve the health of your brain, eyes, ears, internal organs, muscles, and joints.
All the Chinese medical doctors accept the common Taoism teaching which formed the foundation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture.
Our products contains natural MAO inhibiting herbs, detoxification herbs and amino acids to prevent formulation of nervous toxins and detoxify the toxins in the brain, nervous synapses, blood, and liver.
We won't ship our products to your country since your custom considers our products as drugs.
You have to stop taking histidine which becomes histamine to excite your brain and prostate more.
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