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Case Study: On orgasm induced lightheadedness, blackout, seizure and unconsciousness - the causes
Reader: 11/26/2007>Dear Dr.Lin

As we spoke a while ago i asked you about hydralic shock waves driven from the heart and how they temporarily disable the concious control of the brain for about 0.1 seconds followed by anxiety attacks, that is exactly what used to happen to me and it was the most frightning thing it began to go away as soon as i got on antidepressants. you said it was caused by abrupt dopamine-epinephrine conversion, i did some research and some info sources say that it is caused by temporary reduction in the blood flow (and, therefore, oxygen) to the brain. This can lead to lightheadedness or a "black out" episode of loss of consciousness,what are your comments on this?, and remember i was a heavy overmasturbator with no drugs or alcohol history, how come there arent any cases like this on your website? and if there are can you post them to me .by the way i recieved your products should i get off antidepressants right away and use your medicine or gradually?

god bless, dr lin.
Dr. Lin: 11/27/2007>Arterial constriction/contraction by orgasm shock waves is the main part of the problem. since the arteries to the brain and inside the brains are constricted by the sympathetic nervous α1-adrenergic receptors
and α2-adrenergic receptors (mainly) when the receptors are bonded by excessive stressors norepinephrine and epinephrine in present of excessive prolactin. The hydraulic shock waves contract (expand and constrict) the constricted brain arteries during orgasm.  When the shock waves reach the brain, the brain tissues contract (ie. expand and constrict), particularly in the cerebral cortex -  the consciousness/motoring control center,  and the brain experiences a sequence of impact-like waves, like being shake down to lose conscience.
But, the constriction of the arteries won't shut down the brain blood circulation. If so, you have experienced severe brain damage in each orgasm, and you won't have a chance to repair your damaged brain/nervous cells with your chronic over-masturbation practice. As a result, you won't be smart enough to ask this critical question.
Most of seizure responses are also associated the excessive glutamate and histamine release, in addition to an excessive prolactin, norepinephrine and epinephrine release with an abrupt drop of dopamine. Histamine or/and prostaglandin E2 cause inflammation for the brain, arteries and tissues. Excessive glutamate is also responsible for brain blackout and seizure. It cut off the brain nervous communication when the GABA and serotonin nervous function are too weak to counteract (means "attenuate," truncate"  or "modulate") the power surges (action potential spikes) generated by glutamate, in conjunction of excessive norepinephrine and epinephrine nervous action on the cerebral cortex.  An inflamed liver can cause over-production or over-accumulation of the excitory neurohormones glutamate, norepinephrine and epinephrine. You should watch out your alcohol abuse! and have more exercises to sweat them out.
Here are some of the brain articles and circulation associated with the constriction/contraction (by shock waves) of the brain arteries during or after orgasm if you do an internet search with key words "brain arteries site:www.actionlove.com"
and more!
Chronic Over-masturbation and drug abuse will gradually develop the arterial blockage by the 
excessive norepinephrine and epinephrine binding into the α1-adrenergic receptors and α2-adrenergic receptors and by the arterial inflammation due excessive stress epinephrine and its induced inflammatory prostaglandin E2.
The antidepression drugs increase the pituitary prolactin release as described in
Alcohol is another important factor contributing to your problems as described in

You have to gradually withdraw your antidepression drugs in about 1-2 months. First, you can cut down the drug dosage into 50% after 1-2 weeks with our products; and then drop the drug dosage down to 25% at about 3-4 weeks.
If you suddenly withdraw any psychiatric drugs, you will get bioelectric shocks in your brain and become very crazy.
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