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Case Study:  He said 'because i stop taking your pills all i gained i lost for example my eye floater and ear buzzing come back..'  Solution for Tinnitus:  dopamine, serotonin and GABA control the L-Glutamate excitation of the type I auditory neurons connected to the cochlear inner ear's hair cells; Solution for eye floater and clear vision with dopamine, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, serotonin and GABA; reduce the unwanted nervous excitation and tissue constriction by inflammatory hormone and factor prostaglandin E2.
Reader: 11/15/2007>hi dr lin i have several questions: 1-i have using your product for several months as your record shows now i got to the ponit which i cant use them because its makes inflamation in my body and irrataes my gallblader and i have pain i come to realies when i dont use the supplement im ok but as soon i start to use the pills again the pain start now im on cross road dr want to take my gall blader out so i need some advise from you what is the reason behind all these. 2-because i stop taking your pills all i gained i lost for example my eye floater and ear buzzing come back without even me having any sex so its like everything wash out thank u
Dr. Lin: 11/15/2007> 
1. Check if you have a gallstone obstructing the cystic duct or a gallbladder cancer first.
2. After you have not had a gallbladder cancer or tumor, you can re-schedule to take our products.
Reader: 11/15/2007>
hi dr lin i got your email but it is not clear for me the answer i already know i have gall stone as a lots of people do have and they never get pain and they live normally and i have pain when ever i take your product this is not clear for me if i dont take your pills i have no pain so that is the reason im asking . thank u
Dr. Lin: 11/15/2007> Ok. I think the pain is a result of over-dilation of the gallbladder arteries.
I think the pain was induced by DopaFibra,  rather then Moodmax or ViaGrowth-IV.  DopaFibra dilates the arteries by blocking the sympathetic nervous alpha-2 (adrenergic α2receptors and increasing the action of norepinephrine and epinephrine on the adrenergic β2 receptors. DopaFibra increases the dopamine level.  A high dopamine level improve your vision and hearing, but excessive dopamine will converted to norepinephrine and epinephrine. Norepinephrine + Serotonin + GABA help your eye retina to function and your retina and pineal release melatonin to stimulate hGH production during sleeping and at rest, and recharge your parasympathetic nervous system for the healing and repair. However, excessive epinephrine induces anxiety, stress and other sympathetic nervous fight or/and flight responses. That is why we put a warning on the DopaFibra label and product description.  You may have to reduce or avoid the DopaFibra dosage.
Therefore, you can solve the rest of the problems with ViaPal-hGh-E (3-011) and DeToxiA(1-017). 

Reader: 11/16/2007>
hi dr lin thank u fo your respond now how should i take pakage e shoula i take fish oil with that 2-regarding my past email why after taking your pills and fixing my eye flaoter and ear buzzing an d after stop taking your pills the eye flaoter and ear buzzing came back this even with out having any sex and also for how long should i take pakage e thank u
Dr. Lin: 11/16/2007>
You should take Fish Oil 2 or 3 times a day.
Obviously, you are stressed out. I wonder your problems are highly related you stress.
You need a long-term (6-12 months) treatment with ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) and DeToxiA (1-017).
DeToxiA can improve your liver support in the dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA synthesis.
The Serotonin and GABA synthesis can help you reduce stress.
You should have more turkey meat too.

Reader 11/19/2007>
hi dr lin follow up from last email would please tell how dopa fibra was making inflamation on my gall blader also for how long long i have to take detoix with pakage e thank u
Dr. Lin : 11.19/2007> In fact, DopaFibra reduces nervous inflammation to give you a clear vision and hearing. In particular, suppression of the inflammatory prostaglandin E2 production by DopaFibra help you avoid the over-excitation of your hearing and visual nerves to fully achieve the elimination of your eye floaters and tinnitus. 
DopaFibra don't inflame you gallbladder, but it dilates the arteries everywhere in your body
by blocking the sympathetic nervous alpha-2 (adrenergic α2receptors and increasing the action of norepinephrine and epinephrine on the adrenergic β2 receptors.  This action is too improve the blood circulation everywhere in your tissues. However, if some tissues and nerves are too tighten to be dilated with the local arteries, it will cause pains, as a warning sign. In this case, I suggest the vacuum-cupping massage to decongest the tissues first. Please click this link - Vacuum Cupping Massage for detail.
If your gallbladder stones restrict the dilation of the adjacent arteries, you will get pains, naturally.  However, you can not use the vacuum-cupping massage to deal with the gallbladder stones.
Our product won't dissolve your gallbladder stones.
DeToxiA won't solve your gallbladder stones.
Instead, it reduces the testosterone-estrogen conversion for better sex. The formula is to increase the testosterone level which in turn enhance your dopamine production.  Your eye floaters and tinnitus (ear ringing) need dopamine, GABA and serotonin nervous to control the L-Glutamate over-excitation of  the auditory neurons connected to the cochlear inner ear's hair cells, while GABA and serotonin can reduce your stress and inflammation.

Reader: 11/19/2007>
hi dr lin thank u for respond i wondering pakage e and de toxia wont is ok for gall blader thank u
Dr. Lin: 11/19/2007> Yes.
ViaPal-hGH-E and DeToxiA can help you out without causing gallbladder pains.  If ViaPal-hGH-E and DeToxiA are not strong enough for tinnitus, add  1/2 tablet DopaFibra a day to work with this formula ( ViaPal-hGH-E and DeToxiA), which should not over-dilate your gallbladder arteries.
This is because you need both Dopamine and GABA to control the L-Glutamate excitation of the type I auditory neurons connected to the cochlear inner ear's hair cells.
The dopamine and GABA nervous modulation on the Glutamate neurons also act like a band-pass filter where the dopamine neurons filter out the low frequency signals and the GABA neurons filter out the high frequency signals.
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