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Case Study: Orgasm crying and the other common emotional and psychiatric responses in the limbic system, cerebral cortex and front lobes to a powerful sexual orgasm - why?
Reader: 11/15/2007>I was on top of my lover when my body began to go through this warm and overwhelming feeling throughout my body. I began moaning and it the emotions heighten even more, to the point I started crying. I thought something was wrong with me. This has happened before but I didn't have sex, and had all my clothes on. My emotions were getting strong. I guess I have the regular responses in orgasms where the clit is stroked and heightened but not like this. Maybe I try to control myself from letting go and showing all my emotions and that's why this happens. I feel vulnerable when this happens. I don't tell my boyfriend this but I do. I don't like showing my emotions to that degree, but that night it happened and but It felt so so so so so good. I was embarrassed afterwards. Why does this happen? Is something wrong?
Dr. Lin: 11/16/2007>

Orgasm crying or/and other uncontrollable emotional responses result from the orgasmic shock waves generated by the powerful vaginal and uterine contraction (mainly from the uterine) which send the orgasmic surge energy via the vagal nerves to the heart, the lungs, the limbic system (the hypothalamus, pituitary and emotional control regions), and the cerebral cortex (the master conscious controller) and the frontal lobes (the pleasure center) relayed by the thalamus with dopamine-sensitive neurons,
The orgasmic shock waves with 0.8 Hz (cycles/second) took over the control of your heart beating and lung breathing frequency, and abruptly alternate the function of your limbic system for emotional change (with oxytocin for feeling love and attachment, crying, moaning, laughing or even anger) , disable your cerebral cortex (the motoring control and conscious center), but activate your frontal lobes (pleasure center) for pleasure and rewarding.  
During a powerful orgasm, your brain can no longer control your body (from your eyes/ears/mouth down to your finger tips and foot toes), but the frontal lobes receives the orgasmic pleasure pulses via the vagal-dopamine nerves. Some women become blackout, experience convolution and little death, get seizure responses,  uncontrollably cry out with tears and temporarily deafen while orgasmic moaning is considered as a light orgasm. In some cases when the excessive dopamine/norepinephrine - epinephrine conversion occurs during orgasm, the common carotid arteries constrict, leading to blood, neurochemical or oxygen deficiency in the brain for inflammatory migraines and headaches. The shock waves can also induce panic responses in the digestive system, bladder, urethra and anus for instantly incontinence, stomachaches and diarrhea. 

I have also explained the orgasm crying and tear many years ago in

I have also collected most of the possible orgasmic responses in this link -

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