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News updated:

Case Study: Our customer's experience about how to repair a broken penis for restoration of erection, correction of penile curvature and peyronies disease (penile scarring), and  sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/19/2007>

Hello Dr. Lin I hope this can help your customers out! Do NOT give out my email or name please. 

This advice can help out and cure those with scar tissue, peyronies, curves, and other problems. It has worked miracles for me. I hope it can do same for you. Good Luck, God Bless!! 

1. Follow Dr. Lins formulas(packs) and add extra dhea(25-50mgif needed for strong erection) and l-argine 1000 mg 3 times a day extra for boosting testosterone and healing. For extra supplements I use G%C products. Also use flaxseed oil which is better than pills I believe. Real seafood is better than pills also. I throw in vitE once a dat 400iu. Vit drinks and shakes dont hurt either in addition. Liver detox flushes are needed for drug abusers(detoxia also). Vinpocetine 3x a day.

2. Quit drugs immediately and heavy drinking. Cut back or quit smoking. 

3. Cut fingernails as short as possible.

4. The biggest secret is the press and release after 2-3 seconds. So you need to get and erection, best if you can balloon. Press with your thumb and or pointer on one hand while holding penis to counter pressure(in place) with other hand. You want to "fill out" the concave side. This is the way to do it. DO NOT try bending penis back or strecthing back!

5. Concentrate mainly on bottom part of erection since the more blood flow you get there, there will be more pressure to rest of penis.

6. When working underside of erection, be sure to avoid pressing on urethra. You may have to sort of gently move urethra over (without hurting it) to get to the bottom of bottom left or right chamber. 

7. You can use regular lotion with some water when doing the press and release, since it will take alot of work in the beginning stages due to venous leakage due to excessive collagen which will go away eventually!!

8. I think its best to massage gently(not milk!!) semi erect or erect penis after doing the press and release. Do the press and release from 5- 35 minutes. Than massage with vip cream 5- 10 min. Buy a thermometer and brand new auto rags (better and cheaper than face clothes) and wrap very damp cloth 105-110 degrees snug but not too tight around penis (soft/semi erect/hard) any way for 5-15 min.

9. You can do the warm wraps several times a day to soften collage scar and relieve pain-usually burning, and promote healing.

10. Practice anal breathing throught day will pay off. Its all about NOT contacting pc, in order to help control ejaculation. Dont give up on it.

11. The cup massaging is an absolute must for present or past body builders, physical laborers. Practice cupping first all back, shoulders, arms, legs. Do not cup testes. Leave inch or two when cupping perenium. Cup perenium after you have become familiar with cupping to avoid injury to testes or penis.

12. When using press and release systen on new areas, go gently but firm. After some days, weeks or months, when you press and release on underside and side of chamber, you will feel like your making a dam, and than releasing. This means your healing great!! But go lighter on top(opposite urethra) More delicate there ok.The dam feeling happens on left and right chambers-not top as much at all. After release move maybe half thumb lenght up or down shaft.

13. Be gentle when pressing by penis head or by really bad spots.You dont want your fingers to slip and cause more injury. I told you to cut nails short to avoid digging in and causing more injury.

14. Remember, 1st 6-12 months are very tough, but you can do it! Holding ejaculation will come in time with anal breathing, dissolving scar by urethra. Than you make stronger progress. Also take 5htp or pineal tonin before this to help control ejac. I only take at evening massage not in morning. Always take one of these at bed time. These take with little food. Other products food not nec. Dont take 5htp with via4 I believe.

15. Morning- 1arginox, 1000mg Largine, via, moodmax, extra 10-25 mg dhea. empty stomach. Wait half hour -2 hours(go back to sleep) than press and release time, than vip massage and wrap. Evening add 5htp or pineal tonin do again.

16. So perhaps you have curve to left side, use thumb or pointer on left hand to press "tight " concave side with strong pressure, while holding erection in place strategically with right hand. Release 2-3 seconds. 

17 Beginning stages the scar might be so hard that when you press too hard, it presses into soft tissue and hurts, So go firm, but not too far in your pressing. Its a feel it out sort of thing. Usually the harder the erection-the harder you can press. I will add more in future if I think of more to add. Good Luck!!

Dr. Lin: 9/19/2007> 

Thank you. I forward your statement, without your name, e-mail, phone and address, to him.
This young man is very panic about his broken penis. Hopefully, your e-mail can calm him down.

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