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Case Study: Broke your penis due to your girlfriends wild ride -solution.
Reader: 8/07/2007>Hello Dr Lin,

My mail will be a little long because my problem is really really important.
I write you from France for a problem that is destroying my life, i hope you will be able to help me ,after i read some of testimonies of healed people thanks to you.

I'm boy of 26, and have a very serious sexual problem which started 7 months ago. Before that, my sexual life was perfect (lots of girlfriends, long and strong erection, no premature ejaculation, very good libido, everything good).

So all started at beginning of January 2007 when i had an urine problem (little burn at the top of urethra when i was urinating) and a loss of sensitivity in penis , the doctor told it was a cysticis and gave me antibiotics.

During this 'cystisis', i had 3 intercourses in a night with a girlfriend. Each time, erection was complete and hard, but with a lack of sensation, and not agreable (little paintful), but probably because of the cystisis(if i had really a cystisis) or antibiotics (i supose). During the 3rd intercourse, the girl made a wrong lateral move when she was at the top of me, and it was paintful for my penis. But we could finish the intercourse, and there was no visible haematome or changing colours on penis when we finished the intercourse. It was just a paintful.
I thought it was nothing but the following days,it was still paintful, then the loss of sensitivity and sensation in penis increased a lot, my glan was very cold , and finally at middle February, i totally lost erections (morning erections, night erections, reflex erection with girlfriend , etc, etc) so i became totaly impotent! I visited doctors (lots of them are not competent ) that said 'it will be better' and only gave me 'ciiiialiiiis'. (as for me i thought the problem was more than a little erection trouble).
I was also told i had a prostatisis, a non bacterial one, a problem of pudendal nerve, etc, etc, and aparently after tests, i have nothing of all that.

I tried ciiiiiaaalissss and saw that the size of my penis had totaly decreased (lost about 3centimeters in french measure!!!), and that there was a (small but real) curvation on my right side, moreover the 'small erection' provoked by the medication was paintful and there was a loss of elasticity of erectile tissue, as if corpus cavernosa couldn't grow as before. The sides of my penis became very very hard and paintful, with no elasticity.

Finally i did lots of exams (echo doppler of penis with injection to provoke erection , that showed normally the vasculary system is 'normal'), blood analysis, and all was normal.

The last doctor i saw thinks i had a shock on albuginea in the intercourse of January, and that, sadly , the scar healing went in bad way, and made a scar tissue on erectile tissue that condamns possibility of erection!!! I am mad now. 7 months of investigation to hear that!!!

i retried several sexual intercourses with ciaaaliiiss or viaaaagrrra last month, but nothing is like before this problem and i have very dark ideas.
Medicine seems to have no solution for me (i was told about vaccuum pump but i don't trust anymore doctors (i took antibiotics during 3 months for a prostatisis i had not in fact), and doctors have contributed to leave me becoming impotent, because i saw them at the beginning of my problem, when i had just lost sensitivity and my penis was cold, and again at the begining of the disapear of my erections, but they didn't see any link with the shock at the beginning, didn't prevent me about possibility of fibrosis, and now i am like this.

Nowadays, i have very probably a fibrosis of erectile tissue after a shock on albuginea. Symptoms are:

1)totally impotent
2)loss of sensitivity and sensation in penis
3)with medicaments to provoke erection, the erection doesn't make itself in 'elasticity' but the penis just becomes very hard and paintful.Morever the size is really smaller than before, and there is a little curvation on right side.
4)at flaccid state, there is like a torsion at basis of penis (on the left). Moreover i can't stretch the penis when i pull on it (like if it was totaly fibrosed).
5)if i take a medicine for erection, as soon as penis become just a little hard, i have like a seminal liquid or something like that going out from urethra.
6)when i touch my penis, the basis can blow up, but the middle is totally thin , doesn't move, like 'retracted'. (does it correspond to corpus cavernosa?)
7)my ejaculation doesn't go out strongly, in 'eject' and in big quantity like before, but like a small liquid which flows out without any force and so without real orgasm, and i can't control the moment when it will flow (contrary to before), even if i am not premature.
8) to finish, it's like a sensation of 'dead penis', and my sexual life is totaly destroyed, my man's life too.
9)i'm now in depression, because of all that, but i'm helped for that.

Sorry to have been long doctor, but it's hard for me, and hard to write in english, i hope i have been clear in my explanation because i make effort to explain in english.

I saw a testimony of a Polish boy, who seemed to have a similar problem (not sure) and you have helped?

To finish,i don't know if it has any importance, i just add that since long time i have masturbation in normal quantity (no more than once a day or once every two days), but i often pressed penis in erection on the bed, don't know if it deals with my problem now (don't think because my problem arrived after the paintful intercourse) , but i never broke my penis like that, or had any pain doing that.

Please doctor , tell me if you have ever solved cases like mine, probably fibrosis due to a bad scar tissue on erectile albuginea after a shock during intercourse, and if we can do something because i don't want to put a penis prothese so young, and i become mad.And what do you think about diagnostic? 
I've always used condoms, always been careful, don't want my sexual life finished so young for a so stupid intercourse and problem not well diagnosticed in time.It's so hard and unfair.

Thanks to have taken the time to read me, 

best regards.
Dr. Lin: 8/08/2007>I don't know how often you enjoyed 3 intercourse a night.
It seems your problems resulted from a combination of sexual exhaustion and penile damage since the penile pain indicated excessive prostaglandin E2 release from the penile or urethral tissues.
In this regard, 1. you will have ViaPal-hGH-J(3-015) and ArgiNOx(1-018), plus FishOil(1000 mg each meal) to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing and erection.

and after you regain some erection, practice penile ballooning and massage with VIP Cream (1-015)
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VIP Cream
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