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Case Study:  A Virginia Tech student said ' let me say that your products are amazing and I've recommended many of my friends to your site...The girls have also noticed a difference :)' for penile enlargement,  premature ejaculation solution and sexual orgasm 
Reader: 8/04/2007>Dear Dr. Lin
First, let me say that your products are amazing and I've recommended many of my friends to your site. I'm a college student at Virginia Tech, and your products have helped me get through much of the stress that is associated with college life. We have even been sharing your methods at some of our Chinese Student Association meetings! The girls have also noticed a difference :) 

Now, my question concerns your Sexual Chikong Exercise involving the "anal breathing technique".

In your diagram at http://www.actiontao.com/image/anal.jpg
under step 2 which states:

"Descend the Mind down to CV-1 along the Conception Vessel while INHALING"

However, the diagram clearly shows EXHALING during Descent to CV-1 and INHALING on the Ascent! This is obviously opposite to the instructions stated on the side of the picture. Perhaps I'm wrong here, but after trying both ways it seems that the results from the WRITTEN instructions are productive, while the diagram is quite misleading. Clarification on this matter will be much appreciated as several of my friends have also noticed this discrepancy. Thank you.

With all humility, I would like to suggest you spell/grammar check your website. My friends and I find it odd and humorous that someone as accomplished as yourself (UC Berkeley) operate a website that is quite hard to navigate and read. Just my personal opinion.
Dr. Lin: 8/04/2007> 

Thank You. I posted the original e-mail communication without editing. It also serves as a truly HI-FI forum.
When I am compiling the posts into a book, naturally I will re-edit them. To show the original e-mail communication, editing should be prohibited. 
For the beginners, please start the anal breathing with a simple "butts" exercise". When you go peeing, apply a light pressure to your bladder for expelling urine and at the same time lift your heels (ankles) up; then squeeze your butts against your tailbone and anus to stop your peeing without contracting your prostate/PC muscles. Here, you can understand that you can use the somatic nerves to squeeze the butt muscles to trigger the tailbone's S2-S4 to close the bladder-prostate outlet. You can use the same principle to shut down the prostate ejaculation duct during sex.
You have to train the nervous circuit to automatically respond to the sexual stimulation. The basic training is to do the butts exercises outside the restroom (without peeing!!). Open your legs at the same width as your shoulders in a natural standing position, simply apply a light pressure against your bladder (no leak please!), and then periodically contract your butts against your tailbone until your tailbone is warmed up.
After you get used to the butts exercises, you can start to synchronize the butt contraction with each inhaling.
when you inhale, you lightly pull up (or contract) your anus-tailbone mucsle toward your spine ( not toward your perineum or prostate), so that you can "feel" air being sucking into your anus and tailbone and spine. The anal air suction is just a feeling. That is, I call this trick "The Anal Breathing."
A lot of beginners may contract the anal muscle too hard, so that the contraction also affects the prostate/PC muscles. Here, the anal breathing method considers that the anus is the divider the prostate/PC (perineum or pelvic floor) muscle and the anus-tailbone muscle. In fact, it is very difficult to isolate each other. The only way to isolate the Prostate/PC muscle from the anus-tailbone muscle is to do it mathematically. In order to cancel the contraction of the prostate/PC muscle, you have to apply a light pressure to your bladder with an expandion of your low abdomen. This will also expand and relax the prostate/ PC muscles, so that the anal breathing anus-tailbone exercises won't affect the prostate/PC muscles. In fact, it helps relax the prostate tension for prolonging sex -
Finally, once your anal/tailbone muscle can automatically respond to sexual stimulation or mind focusing to the tailbone, your anus-tailbone muscle will start to contract in response to each inhale as long as you move your mind down to the tailbone.
You will no long squeeze your butts any more. You can stnad up, lay your back, or sit down to circulate the sexual energy in each inhaling when you move your mind to your tailbone.
During sex, move your mind to your tailbone like wagging your tailbone in each love stroke or thrust.

The following links are also useful for anal breathing and tailbone nervous reflexion (plasticity) training :

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