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Case Study:  His question 'after I recover from sexual exhaustion, will my dosage of ViaPal J produce the ballooning method easier? '  and how to meet his girlfriend sexual appetite of having sex everyday with the penile ballooning, anal breathing and Finger Pliers method
Reader: 8/02/2007> 
Doctor Lin, after I recover from sexual exhaustion, will my dosage of ViaPal J produce the ballooning method easier? I take a high dose because my girlfriend wants sex everyday so I need help to keep up with her so Im on the high dose. Is that OK with you or should I go on a low dose? I have a morning erection pointing to about 2-3o clock but during the day or at night I do not get spontaneous erection. Does that mean I am not fully recovered from exhaustion yet? I have only ejaculated 4-5 timems over the past 3 weeks.

Also, on the anal breathing, should I inhale (expand the lower abs) but where do I stop my mind focus? Do I stop at the navel or go straight to cv1? Once there, I pause for a second or two, then move to the tailbone (image I am wagging my tailbone) then contract my butts? Is that correct?

Thank You very much for your help
Dr. Lin: 8/02/2007> 1. will my dosage of ViaPal J produce the ballooning method easier?
Yes, if your practice penile ballooning and reduce your ejaculation frequency to the same level you have right now.

2. The best for you is to alternate the high dose and low dose; for example, in the even dates, take a low dose and in the odd dates, take a high dose.
When she wants sex every day, you can not afford to ejaculate every time since your maximum ejaculation is about once every other day. Therefore, first, you have to screw her, instead of pump her to make her very hot, followed by using the Finger Pliers method to drive her to orgasm, and then put your penis back to her vagina to screw her again to continue her orgasm without ejaculation. This will drive her crazy while you save your load for your health and practice penile ballooning and anal breathing at the same. She won't mind you use this method to her every day. By the way, you can use her vagina to practice your penile ballooning every day, but you must limit your ejaculation frequency.
For the Finger Pliers and screw method, please read

3. You have recovered from sexual exhaustion, but yous adrenal cortex fire up cortiol very fast and quickly during the day.
After you take a rest and nap, you should get a spontaneous erection easily.

4. About anal breathing, the mind anchoring point is the tailbone (GV1). Move your mind to your navel when you gradually and slowly expand your low abdomen; Move your mind to CV1 when you "compress" your upper abdomen; then Move your mind to the tailbone (GV1) when you are ready to pulse the sexual energy upto your spine. Wagging your tailbone means repeating contraction of the tailbone muscle against the tailbone to generate the sexual energy pulses into your spine. For this reason, the mind is anchored at the tailbone (GV1) for generating the sexual energy pulses.
Due to the repetitive tailbone muscle contraction, you can feel the tailbone vibrating, like the tail wagging.
For the beginners, it will require some training of the tailbone parasympathetic nerves and muscles for autorhythmic contraction in response to the anal breathing mind focusing.
When the training is done, your tailbone will vibrate like a rattle snake when your mind is focused there to lift up its adjacent muscles toward your spine..
You can start the anal breathing training with this link -
The anal breathing frequency can vary. Typically, inhale 3-10 seconds and pause 3-5 seconds; repeat it.
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