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Case Study:  Cause and solution for PMS, painful period and post-orgasm vertigo and fainting, and side effects of sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/19/2007> 
Hi Dr Lin

Hope all is going well. I have a question regarding my gf: she once got very dizzy then fainted after orgasm a year ago, and nearly did the same this morning (her knees went weak and she was feeling vertigo and on the brink of fainting). About half a month ago, she had a period with a fair bit of pain and also a reddish blob came out of her in the shower, which seemed to break up or disintegrate in the water. She has also been getting a pain on one side of her abdomen, around her hip area. This pain usually comes when she has a "bad" (painful) period, or at other times.

I'm worried about the vertigo/fainting, and I think the red blob in her period is an indication that something is wrong. Can I have your opinion on this?

I also need to ask: What's the optimal amount of L-Arginine powder I should take (if any), if I'm already taking 2x Arginox per day? As I was taking the L-Arginine powder, I gradually developed allergy symptoms including runny nose and dry itchy throat & eyes.

Dr. Lin: 7/19/2007>Young women' painful periods or PMS can be solved by taking DopaFibra, MoodMax and ArgiNOx to boost the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and ovarian axis.
The red blob is a separation of the uterine lining. It happens when her progesterone level abruptly drops too low to retain a healthy uterine lining.
Most of orgasmic women usually have a high level of oxytocin, testosterone, DHT and estrogen, but a low level of progesterone. You can say that progesterone is almost 100% converted into testosterone, DHT and estrogen by the liver enzymes in the cells everywhere to power their sex and orgasm, leading to a depletion of progesterone.
Vertigo and fainting may be a result of poor brain's blood circulation with excessive stressors that induce brain's arterial contraction or due to an abrupt drop (depletion) of acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin or/and GABA in the cerebrospinal fluid. Excessive sex (orgasm), like excessive exercises can result in vertigo, fainting or headaches, due to excessive stressors release and brain's arterial contraction. In this regard, add Vincepotine to
DopaFibra, MoodMax and ArgiNOx. Please note that our new Moodmax will contain Vinpocentine.

Limit your intake of L-arginine to 1000 mg a day if you take ArgiNOx twice a day.
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