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News updated:

Case Study:  Penile trauma spots, pimple cells or inflamed cells  can trigger excessive prostaglandin E2 release to sensitize the penile nerves for premature ejaculation  and faster sexual orgasm; on the normal orgasm induction.
Reader: 5/15/2007> 
Hi Dr.

I really need your help. I remember an accident that happened with me about 4 years ago. It was winter and we had the old radiators that heat up so I was cold and i was just out of the bath so i sat on it and i most likely burned a small area in the bottom part of my penis shaft behind the head of the penis and i think that the heat touched the backpart of the head of my penis( the bottom part) but i jumped off immediatly. I felt pain for a while then it went. Now when I examined that part of my penis i found out that i have some blood vessels and 2 small pimples and i feel that that is the most sensitive part of my penis.

Please doctor can you help me and show me how to cure this area. I dont feel pain in it anymore but I think that might be the reason for my PE.
Is there anyway to cure or heal the area?

please Dr. I need your help.

thank you for all your time and help,
Dr. Lin: 5/16/2007>

So, you have inflamed penile veins and pimple cells which can be easily inflamed during erection in release excessive prostaglandin E2 to stimulates the adjacent nerves for hypersensitivity.
Some trauma cells becomes collage scars but won't release prostaglandin E2 until you stimulate them to swell up with hand jobs, oral sex or dry vagina. During the erection, the scarred cells give your pinched pressure and stimulate the adjacent cells to release prostaglandin E2 to against on the local penile sensory nerves during erection.
This is why inflamed penile veins and pimple cells can result in premature ejaculation during sex. 
You have to avoid hand jobs, oral sex or dry vagina, leading to excessive prostaglandin E2 release in the penile cells. Even a natural vaginal lubrication with a lot of prostaglandin E2 can stimulate the inflamed cells and urethral nerves to induce premature ejaculation too.  

In the natural condition, when the hard erection is prolonging enough and the penile, urethral and prostate tissues are expanding or swelling enough and the bulbourethral glands is full of precum, the penile , urethral, prostate and bulbourethral tissues will release a lot of prostaglandin E2 to trigger orgasm and prostate ejaculation nervous control.  Similarly, the clitoral cells and the vaginal cells along the urethra and in both sides of G-spot can be stimulated to release excessive prostaglandin E2 in triggering the adjacent nerves for orgasmic responses. This is how men and women experience normal orgasms.
The scar cells can be softened by massaging with VIP Cream (1-015) and taking LoveLonger (3-005) and ArgiNOx (1-018) with Fish Oil (1000 mg 3 times aday) and Borage (or Evening Primrose) oil 100 mg once or twice a day to boost the prostaglandins E1/E3, melatonin and Nitric Oxide release for healing.
It will take a long time to solve the problem.

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