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News updated:

Case Study:  Chronically over-masturbating 3-7 times a day from age 12 to 19 for erectile dysfunction, destruction of testicular and adrenal function (extreme low testosterone level), and woman-wild-ride fracture, ultimately resulted in penile deformation, shrinking from 9 inches to 5 inches for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 5/04/2007> 

CASE HISTORY- I am a 22 year old man. I started mastrubating at the age of 12 and from the age of 12 to the age of 19 1/2 i use to mastrubate daily 3 to 7 times a day . So in other words you can say that i did over mastrubation. Besides over mastrubation i also did many times forceful mastrubation all these years i.e. just after one ejaculation i immediately use to stroked my penis again for another ejaculation and after the second ejaculation immediately and again started the process of mastrubation. But here i would like to tell you that all these years despite over and forceful mastrubation i had no problem at all . 

The real problem started 2 and a half years back when i was 19 and a half years old. 2 and a half years back i was having sex with my girl friend , she was on top of me and because of being vigour and extra pressure my erect penis got .
injuries on 2 places. It got bended from 2 places or you can say that it had 
multiple fractures.It that time i did not seek any immediate treatment 
for 4 days and after that i went to many general surgons. At that time 
i had severe pain and swelling in penis,epydymis, both testees and even 
some pain and swelling in thighs, prostate,lower abdomen. I did not 
had any surgery at that time.The general surgons were not able to 
understand the concept penis fracture . They said that penis has no bones and 
so it cannot have fracture. They just gave me pain killers and strong 
anti biotics. According to them the problem was the swelling in testees 
and they were not able to understand that this swelling is the result 
of penile fracture.Nor they refered me to a urologist.After the injury i 
did not had any erection for 3 months. Then some erection for another 
six months and then things started to improve. The swelling in testees 
lasted longest and went away slowly slowly in 2 years.

1. Though i am having erection and complete erection but it does not hold for long.my performance,and frequency has also reduced from what it was prior to fracture.

2. My biggest of all problems is that prior to fracture the size of my 
penis when erect was 9 inches. It is hardly 5 inches now. The size of 
my erect penis is still reducing rapidly, also the size of testees is 
reducing at some what slower rate.

3. After the injury on penis my erect penis did not had any uniform 
shape. The erect penis and semi erect penis bends in al most any 
direction from the place of injury. The same erect penis from the place of 
injury(middle region of penis) sometime bends right,many times left and 
and many times it shows downward curve

From last 3 months i been to 3 different urologist.I was 
diagnosed with mild prostitas and seminal infection. The report of my 
semen culture reads as "growth of commensal flora ,coag large colony" 
beside it my testosterone test is also done. My testosterone free is 
10.366 pg/ml and testosrerone total is 2.0806 ng/ml.One of the urologist said to 
me that penile fracture resulted in testees swelling of a very long 
period, hence the testees is not making required amount of hormone for a 
22 year old. How ever the doctor also said that during prostate problems 
hormone replacement therapy is not given and only after the cure of 
prostate problem they will think of giving me this therapy. 


1.QUESTION REGARDING REASON OF SHORTNING OF ERECT PENIS -: Here i would like to tell you one important thing and i.e that after the penile fracture in first nine months i induldge very less in mastrubation/sex or any sexual activity , but afterthat the pain and swelling became less then i went back to my routine of over mastrubation and even forceful mastrubation, not caring of the fact that my penis is bending in differnt directions and also getting shorter. i am continuing this practise till now also. Prior to penile fracture this practise was not having any effect on the size of my penis but could it now? i am asking you here could it be the case that the penile fracture has not healed completely till now (otherwise why my semi erect and erect penis would bend in different directions) and also due to penile fracture my penis tissues have become weak and are not able to stand over mastrubation and therefore contracting and my penis is getting shorter.
After reading some urological journals and published advice of urologist ,the ploblem of shortning of penis and no uniform shape seems to me to be a very rare 
kind of peyronie disease.In a published article of B.B .C health, i read that when penis has injuries on more than one place or if the injury goes all around the body of penis then then many times no scar develops and instead the penis shorterns. 
is it also in my case? do i fall in category of some rare and very different peyronie in compare of the ordinary peyronie?
please tell in reply of my this particular question that is my penis getting shorter in size due to over mastrubation and even forceful mastrubation after penile fracture, or because of some rare kind of peyronie, or shortning of penis is some other disease/defect.

2. HOW TO PREVENT FURTHER SHORTNING OF ERECT PENIS -: This is my most important question. How can i further prevent shortning of penis, as already stated above that 2 and a half years back the size of my penis when erect was inches . It is hardly 5 inches now. The size of my erect penis is still reducing rapidly . I dont want it to reduce it further any more at all 

3. QUESTION REGARDING NO UNIFORM PENIS SHAPE -:why my erect/semi erect penis bends from almost middle region in different directions.After the injury on penis my erect penis did not had any uniform shape. The erect penis and semi
erect penis bends in al most any direction from the place of injury. The same erect penis from the place of injury(middle region of penis) sometime bends right,many times left and and sometimes it shows downward curve and many times remains straight.

4. QUESTION REGARDING PENILE TESTS -: Is there any tests through which 
breakage/fracture,blood flow of penis, leakage of blood in penis, condition of penile tissue can be tested? please tell the name of tests

5.QUESTION REGARDING HARMONE LEVELS - : are my testosterone levels 
particularly testosterone free is in accordance with my age? please tell. 
note my testosterone free is 10.366 pg/ml and testosterone total 2.806 
ng/ml. also can low testosterone leads to shortning of penis.

6. QUESTION REGARDING SHRINKING SIZE OF TESTEES -: The size of my testees has also reduced/shrinked in 2 and a half year . Is it because of low testosterone total level or because of the swelling that i had in testees for two years (which was due to penile fracture) or some other reson . 

sir, i hope that you will reply me back soon and answer all my 6 questions one by one as soon as possible. I have the financial capacity and i am willing to travel anywhere in order to get my problems solved.Any other insightful information or help that you want to give to me on this issue of penile fracture is welcomed. 

Dr. Lin: 5/04/2007>The real problem is the destruction of your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular function, your liver, and your dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous systems, but from your penile fracture.
This is because over-masturbation gave you a weak erection for ultimate penile facture and damage while she had a wild ride over your improperly erecting penis, as decribed in
With the destruction of your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular function, you have no enough power (from androgen hormones DHEA, testosterone and DHT, Nitric Oxide and prostaglandins) to heal your fracture penis.
Your extreme testosterone level indicates your testicular function was fully shut down. This means your testicles stop functioning. 
The testicles contributes about 70% of testosterone; the adrenal glands make about 20%; the brain, heart and other organs provide about 10%.
Young men at your age should have about 800-1000 ng/dl. At full power, the testicles contribute about 700 ng/dl over 1000 ng/dl.
That is, your testosterone level indicates testicular function is fully shut down and your exhausted adrenal glands work at about 50% efficiency.
I am afraid that your conditions can not be reversed.
You may have to rely on testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of your life. If your testicular function can not be reversed, you cannot father children.

Answer your questions:

Penile erection requires DHT, nitric oxide (for arterial dilator cGMP), prostaglandin E1, and oxytocin (to increase the binding of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the sympathetic nervous (adrenergic ) beta receptors of the penile arteries for dilation). Your parasympathetic and sympathetic erectile nervous systems don't have enough them. I am afraid that your body will never produce enough them for sex.
Your penile damage resulted in collagen scarring of your erectile tissues, blood vessels and nerves. It is done by a mechanical damage, not a disease.
When the erectile tissues become collagen scars, your penis is supposed to be deformed, dented or bent.
There is no way to reverse the massive penile destruction. Penile surgery will give you secondary damage.

2. HOW TO PREVENT FURTHER SHORTENING OF ERECT PENIS - You need penile erectile nervous function to increase the penile blood flow which carries androgen hormones, neuro-nutrients and oxygen to feed your penile erectile tissues, nerves and blood vessels for elasticity and flexibility.

3. QUESTION REGARDING NO UNIFORM PENIS SHAPE - You must have a hard erection to see your real penile shape. 

4. QUESTION REGARDING PENILE TESTS - There is a Ultrasonic Doppler Flow meter to measure the blood flow into and out of your penis. but, the is no medical scanner can detect collagen scars.

5.QUESTION REGARDING HORMONE LEVELS - yes, testosterone and DHT make you become a man; injection of testosterone into women will increase DHT level to grow the clitoris into a penis.
But, testosterone injection to men will shrink the testicles, destroy the testicular function for penile shrinkage and grow the breasts when the liver is stimulated to release excessive enzyme aromatase for testosterone-estrogen conversion.
You should read -
The role of DHT, prostaglandins E-1/E-2/E-3, and Nitric Oxide in the penile enlargement for more sexual orgasm

6. QUESTION REGARDING SHRINKING SIZE OF TESTES - your testicles were disabled by excessive prolactin released from pituitary gland due to frequently intensive ejaculation. 
Over-masturbation also induced excessive cortisol release from your adrenal cortex.
Excessive prolactin and cortisol killed your testicles and adrenal glands and damaged your liver function at the same time.
Deficiency of androgen hormones, a high prolactin/cortisol/prolactin, and nervous destruction induces inflammatory hormone release for inflammation.

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