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Case Study: He said 'I have been following your advice for years, and you have helped me to deliver many orgasms. It is amazing to me that so few scientists and researchers understand the mechanisms of female orgasm... in fact, you're pretty much the only one who seems to have a strong understanding of it! ' on resonant excitation for uterine and heart orgasmic contraction in response to the Finger Pliers sexual stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot
Reader: 4/09/2007> 

Dear Dr. Lin,

I have been following your advice for years, and you have helped me to 
deliver many orgasms. It is amazing to me that so few scientists and 
researchers understand the mechanisms of female orgasm... in fact, you're 
pretty much the only one who seems to have a strong understanding of it! 
Despite having the ability to give orgasms, I still have a few questions 
and things that I do not understand that I would like to ask you. 

1. I have timed myself, and I can do 3 quality strokes per second and 
still manage to keep my rhythm with finger-pliers. Is 3 strokes per 
second better than 2.5 strokes per second? 

2. You mention that you should start off with a slow stimulation speed, 
about 1.25 strokes per second. After going 1.25 strokes per second, 
should you suddenly switch to 2.5 strokes per second, or should you speed 
up gradually? 

3. While doing finger-pliers, do I keep my fingers stiff and just move 
them in and out? Or do I also squeeze my fingers together/apart as I move 
in and out? 

4. Sometimes I will give my girlfriend an orgasm with my tongue on her 
clitoris, and my finger on her g-spot. When doing this position, is it 
better for me to use a "come-hither" motion with my fingers, or should I 
just keep them stiff as I move them in and out? 

5. You have mentioned that there should be "no friction". What do you 
mean by this? Does it mean my fingers should not actually slide in and 
out of her, but should stay in the same spot as I move in and out?

6. I am able to give my girlfriend orgasms, but sometimes we have a 
difficult time. Sometimes she can get so close, but she loses it right at 
climax and she does not orgasm. I almost feel that if she could just 
receive some additional stimulation at that point, I could push her over 
the top. Maybe an erotic movie, or kissing her, or talking to her, or 
speeding up right at that point would help? Anyways, what can I do about 
those times when she gets so close but loses it? It is very frustrating 
for her. 

Thank you. 

Dr. Lin: 4/10/2007>
1. No, since 2.5 strokes per second is a superharmonic excitation frequency of the uterine and heart contraction.
The superharmonic synchronization of the uterine and heart contraction not only produces an amplification (constructive superimposition of waves) of the contraction power, but also allow her vagal nerves to synchronize the excitation nervous pulse of the hypothalamus-pituitary with the heart and uterus.
The high-speed stimulation is to use the Temporal Summation of nervous pulse to peak up the stimulation. An unsynchronized Temporal Summation may result in destructive superimposition if the nervous pulses reach the nervous synapses are out of phases. Stimulation rate at 3 Hz (3 strokes per second), in comparison with the fundamental frequency 1.25 HZ is about 144 degrees out of phase which at 180 degrees out of phase, it produces a fully destructive interference wave pattern.
In addition, at an extremely high speed stimulation, it can abrade the delicate clitoral and G-spot erectile tissues and nerves since the blood flow can not refill the cells faster enough.

2. Start with the fundamental frequency 1.25 HZ ( 1.25 strokes per second) will allow the clitoral and G-spot blood flow to get in for erection if her arteries can start to dilate.
Without clitoral and G-spot erection, a high speed stimulation will irritate and abrade the clitoral and G-spot/urethral nerves and tissues, resulting in urinary urgency, even in urethral pains or infection.
You can suddenly switch to a high speed 2.5 Hz stimulate once her clitoris and G-spot are erecting.

3. You should screw your Finger Pliers in and out between 10 and 2 o'clock position if her clitoral glans tip at 12 o'clock position where "Screw" means "translate and rotate," that is, stimulate both sides of her clitoris and G-spot, where the neurons density is much higher than the center.

4. It is easy to rotate or screw your finger between 10 and 2 o'clock position.

5. In the common sense, "no friction" means no tissue or nervous irritation or abrasion, no matter what type of finger movement is.

6. If her pituitary suddenly release too much prolactin without sufficient oxytocin to bring her over the edge, her sexual excitement and erection will end. Prolactin will shut down her sexual function immediately.
Continuous stimulation will result in pain and abrasion. Once this happens, there is nothing you can do.
Work or emotional stress, drugs, birth control pills, daily androgen hormonal change, excessive orgasm, or/and prolonged stimulation can induce excessive dopamine-epinephrine conversion to stress out her hopthalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis for this problem.
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