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Case Study:  chronic over-masturbation since  age 13 resulted in persistent sexual arousal, erectile dysfunction, penile numbness, seminal production disorder (retarded ejaculation), and penile deformation for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/05/2007> 

Hi, I'm 19 years old and have been masturbating since the age of 13. Around a year ago i started masturbating more frequently ranging from 1-2 times a day and though not always so 3-4 times a day, though now I have reduced to to around 4 times a week. I could not seem to reach orgasm during sex due to the numbness feeling (i guess due to retarded ejaculation) and found it very difficult to stay hard so the girl I had sex with didnt feel much. Though I could never manage to cum during sex I always managed to bring myself to orgasm, though I never could ejaculate while standing up just by sitting or lying down. Even though I have cut down I believe I may suffer from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, because when I am done masturbating I find myself still thinking about sex afterwards and constantly even though I think I am sexually exhausted. Is it not possible to go back to normal with just cutting down or stopping masturbating? My erections are not as hard as they were before. My penis is also slightly curved to the left and has a downward bend/curve towards the middle and base of my penis. It seems my penis is also a bit "loose" around the base, or flexible if you will. Shouldn't a fully erect penis be pointing to at least 2 o clock? Is there anyway to straighten my penis so that it can point to at least 2 o clock? And is there anyway I can regain the full sensitivity of my penis so I can cum through vaginal intercourse as well as get rid of my persistant sexual arousal syndrome?

Dr. Lin: 4/05/2007>
Your sexual exhaustion symptoms have been addressed in
Chronic over-masturbation has burned out your acetylcholine/serotonin/GABA nervous function for sexual addiction, induced constantly excessive dopamine/norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion and excessive prostaglandin E2 release for persistent sexual arousal and body pains, destroyed your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and testicular axis for erectile dysfunction and seminal production deficiency, and mechanically and chemically damaged your penis and prostate.
A normal, hard-erecting penis should point upward toward a 1-2 oclock position with a slight and smooth curvature. A protrusive low abdomen will turn a hard erecting penis to a 2-3 o'clock position. A curved-down penis indicates either weak erection or penile damage with collagen scar spreading over the erectile spongy tissues or in the tunica albuginea sheathing spongy corpus cavernosa and Corpus Spongisosum.
Your penile numbness indicates the penile nervous damage; the deficiency of neurotransmitter acetylcholine, pituitary hormone oxytocin, or androgen hormones (DHEA, testosterone or DHT); or excessive prolactin.
please also read
The Root of Over-Masturbation/Excessive Sex: Male/Female Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome -
Chronic Over-masturbating 2-3 times a day since 15 resulted in erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis, penile bending and penile pain for no more sexual orgasm, at age 21!!
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case14713.htm 
Chronic over-masturbation crocked his penis and resulted in impotence for no more sex and sexual orgasm.
His Chronic Over-masturbation experiences for sexual exhaustion symptoms - of course, no more sexual orgasm. Why this young man can not get a recovery from sexual exhaustion
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case13983.htm  
Chronic heavy masturbation results in vein, prostate, urethra and bulbourethral inflammation for premature ejaculation and possible penile deformation (Peyronies Disease due to collagen protein) for no sexual orgasm
Chronically over-masturbating 5-10 times daily resulted in sexual exhaustion symptoms with inflammatory pains in the brain, eye balls (blurred vision), penis, and testicles, with losing memory, penile deformation and shrinkage for no more sexual orgasm, but persistent sexual arousal for more masturbation.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case14788.htm
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