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News updated:

Case Study: A penile enlargement exercise and stretching victim said ' Let the people watching your webpage be te wise, and stay away from bogus
enlargement techniques that could kill the most precious part of our body.'
Reader: 3/19/2007>
I might write you again to give further detail, but I
believe in miracles now.

My weekend was a trip to hell. But now, I finally
managed to get an erection, and the feeling and the
angle, and everything is fine.

There is one problem though. I think I might have
injured a ligament, partially tearing it, because
there is a part visible that before was covered by
skin. That means my penis does look longer, but I do
not give a damn about it. I have learned my lesson, I
am happy with my penis any size it might be, as long
as it is hard and sensible.

And also, I might have still some damage, because even
if my penis as it is is functional, there is a zone in
which it is less turgent and wide, by the base. Maybe
it indicates the presence of collagen, or scar tissue?

Since I didn't want to wait for the long time that it
would have taken to get your products, I have tried to
improvise a little bit. I used natural
anti-coagulants, and blood fluidity improvers like
loads of water and garlic and cheyenne. It really
helped me out. Also I have been doing contrasting
heat-cold-heat-cold-heat applications. This I had
already done when injuring delicate parts (like hands)
with excellent results.

The extra blood flow operated the miracle. In a little
more than 48 hours my penis turned from a wretch,
miniscule peanut (that is how it looked when I injured
myself) to an almost normal state.

I thought you would be pleased to hear that it is
possible to recover from injuries from those criminal
so called penis enlargement methods. You can publish
this email in your website, if you think it might
prevent other people from tempting those things.
Herbal medicine is the most powerful and less invasive
method. Even if I am not one of your customers, my
gratitude for showing me the right path to follow, and
too bad that I didn't get a chance to read it before
commiting that barbaric act of self-mutilation that is
being sold as "penis enlargement techniques".

I would gladly contribute with my testimony to disuade
anyone considering stretching his penis. Leave it the
way it is!! Woman just care about how strong it is,
that is the real importance. The penis is but a bag to
be filled with blood, who cares who has the biggest
bag. Trading potency for size? NEVER! I would gladly
go back in time and avoid the stretching, but since I
still manage to get a full erection, I think maybe the
consequences, thanks to God, are not permanent, and I
will preserve my sex life, that up until now it has
been very pleasing. My penis does in fact "look"
longer now, but I would never exchange this extra
milimiters look for the nightmarish time that I have
endured waiting for it to heal without knowing if it
would ever erect again. Not to mention that I am not
sure yet that it still functions the way it used to.
And that it is now deformed, whereas before hand it
was an elegant penis, if you allow me.

Best regards, keep the wisdom!!

P. J. Lazkao

BY THE WAY: there is this great chinese proverb that
goes like this: the dumb does not learn even from his
own mistakes, the normal only of his own, but the wise
from someone else's. Let the people watching your
webpage be te wise, and stay away from bogus
enlargement techniques that could kill the most
precious part of our body.
Dr. Lin: 3/19/2007>
As I have mentioned before, the penile hardness (firmess), stimulation pressure and heat are the key to stimulate women's G-psot, urerthral and Epicenter. You don't need a long penis at all, as long as your seminal ejaculation is powerful, the hot ejaculation jet can trike the Epicenter and cervix nerves for orgasm even if the penis won't reach the epicenter (about 5-6 inches deep without a prolapsed cervix / uterus which makes the vagina become even shorter).
If your penis is weak and soft, like a sauage handing on your clutch, your women feel nothing inside their vagina, no matter how big the your penis is..
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