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Case Study: Induction of female ejaculation by inflammatory (prostaglandin E2) or erectile  (nitric oxide and prostaglandin E1) sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/12/2007>
I'm questioning whether I was ejaculating, or peeing. My sexcapade, started at 3 P.M.-and ended at 5 A. M. in the morning. When My guy came home from being over seas we celebrated big time.

Small orgasm , 3:30, 4:00, at 4:15 My boyfriend was using fingers and was ecstatic to have me sqirt and actually see it.

After a break and a shower we wanted to see if I could do it again, sure enough, I did it 2 more times.

Break time, dinner and a movie, and back to bed
11:p.m. I was still kind of swollen, which felt fantastic, as we started again.

He began using a vibrator on me, and at 11:30 ish, and 12;00ish, each orgasm was easier to achive, followed by with smoke breaks, and water breaks bathroom breaks before and after, including a few quick showers, we were still going at 3:a.m. when I gushed I mean gushed, I thought I peed for sure, the squirts were small but this was big.

I felt such a great release, but also I felt emarassed, of course my guy loved it, and kept telling me that it was not pee.

Once again, the last time, I was riding him, on top, and gushed again. 

I know that we fucked more that day than ever before, it was wild, I was about 4 days away from my menstral cycle and was realy wanting the sex bad. I also know that I was massively swollen by the time we were done, and I wonder if being so swollen, and orgasming at the same time, if that orgasum contraction is strong enough to sqweez on the bladder? 

I realy want to know what the sensation truly was.
Dr. Lin: 3/13/2007>

Your female ejaculation may result from the inflammatory skene's glands, the glands located on between the upper wall of the vagina and the lower wall of the urethra tract. They behave like male prostate and seminal vesicles and trap fluid. The swelling (erection) or inflammation of the skene's glands, in conjunction of the swelling of the erectile tissues surrounding the urethra, vagina, cervix, uterus, and clitoral corpus spongiosum (inside the vulva or labia majors extended from the clitoral glans), will allow a huge volume of body fluid to be stored and ejaculated during sexual arousal and urethral/vaginal contraction.
Female ejaculation can be a sign of sex-stress induced urinary incontinence if the urethral erectile tissues are inflamed by prostaglandin E2 due to excessive urethral/G-spot stimulation and abrasion. In this regard, you may also experience inflammatory pains, urinary urgency, and frequent urination after sex; and in some severe situations with excessive prostaglandin E2 induced by abrasion, you may also experience urethral tract infection (UTI), excessive vaginal discharge, yeast infection or menstrual irregularity few days later, since prostaglandin E2 will suppress vaginal and urethral immune and can over-stimulate the uterus, cervix and ovaries. Prostaglandin E2 constantly stimulates sexual nerves and causes persistent sexual arousal or orgasm - http://www.actionlove.com/extra/psas.htm
If your female ejaculation is a result from the organ swelling (erection) under the erectile nervous action by Nitric Oxide and prostaglandin E1, you shouldn't have to worry about your female ejaculation phenomenon., and you won't experience inflammatory pains, urinary urgency and frequent urination. In this regard, your female ejaculation is safe and enjoyable.

You should verify if your ejaculation fluid contains urine which will have ammonia stink after 30-60 minutes. If yes, it is sex-stress induced incontinence and not a good sign.

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