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Case Study:  Over-masturbation, penile enlargement stretching and jelqing, creatine, ADHA drug Methylphenidate, and acute exercises shrinks his 18 years old penis for no sexual orgasm !
Reader: 3/06/2007>
For quite some time now I have had very weak erections. I normally masturbate once 
every day of the week. I have noticed shrinkage in length and width of my penis.
I have for the past few months been doing stretching/Jelqing/Pc Flexes. My mood for quite some time now has been horrible. I have been unusually extremely depressed and I am concerned. Another concern is the lack of feeling and blood flow to my penis.
Whats going on? I am young and I don't think alot of this should be happening at my age.. I also take nitric Oxide and creatine. I do a cardio just about every workout day of 50 minutes and do workout splits arm,ab/Leg,lowerback/ off day/ Chest,upperback/Offday/Shoulders,traps,wrists/Offday. That split is based on Monday,tuesday and so on. For medications I take R!talin La. Mind helping me out?
Dr. Lin: 3/07/2007>

You have destroyed/hardened/scarred your penile erectile tissues, nerves and blood vessels with chronic over-masturbation, penile enlargement stretching/Jelqing exercises, PC mucsles exercises (Flexes), creatine and ADHA medication drug (dopamine reuptaking inhibitor; possible norepinephrine reuptaking inhibitor). You can read these links for detail -
The ADHA drug Methylphenidate (MPH) is an amphetamine-like stimulant and has binding affinity for both the Dopamine transporter and Norepinephrine transporter to inhibit the neurotransmitters' reuptaking in the synapse.
Based upon its main side effects: difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, depression, irritability, nervousness, stomach aches, headaches, dry mouth, blurry vision, nausea, pupil dilation, dizziness, drowsiness, and motor tics or tremors, it constantly elevate the epinephrine/sympathetic nervous Fight or Flight responses, with possible inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 production.
In sex, Fight = precum/semen leakge or premature ejaculation; Flight = going limp or impotence.
With a constant elevation of epinephrine in the bloodstream, your workout will trigger excessive cortisol release to shut down your adrenal and testicular function.

That is: your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis has been screwed up.

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